So we made it through the first few weeks of 2012. We are here, you are reading this post, and the world's population was not consumed by aliens . Looks pretty good so far...

Where are you at on your 2012 goals? Are you striving to get where you need/want to be? I am about to be incredibly transparent, so strap in for the long haul!

I had many goals for the new year and, quite frankly, I never got around to writing them out. I am a HUGE proponent of written goals, but I lack in this department on a personal level. That is one of my goals this actually set and monitor that which I will strive for.

I do not really like the word "goals". A goal is something that, once you hit it, you are done with whatever got you to that point. Kinda like soccer or football. You hit that goal, and score a point. That seems too closed-ended in my mind. Target is better, maybe because you can hit the same target multiple times and not hit the bullseye. Still not ideal, but until I find another term I am sticking with it.

1) Striving to live a more healthy life is one of my targets. I have an ideal weight in mind, but as long as I am healthy, active, and set a good example, I am fine with what happens to my rapidly aging body :) I started off on a bad note, but I am on track over the past few days.

2) Another target I have set for myself is to simply make more outgoing phone calls at work. Even if every person refused to speak to me, I am making an effort. That seems to solidify my role in my mind. It also saves me time I would have spent on that person had I not made that call. I am already averaging more calls a day this year.

3) This one is tough. I have set a target to take more time with my dad and my son. I already spend alot of time with my son, but I love to watch him and my dad interact. I never wnat to regret not spending more time with either of them. I have done NOTHING year to date in this area.

4) Patience. I need a little patience. Noooooooooowwwww... I could be alot more patient with my wife and with others. My wife is one of the hardest working people I have ever seen and her job demands taht she work alot of extra hours. I seem to be FINE if it is ME working at 11 at night, but not so nice if it is her. I have worked on this for YEARS, but continue to struggle with it.

5) RELAX! I just need to learn to relax and turn off the outside world whenever I can do so. I am the type that will go NON-STOP on vacation. I simply cannot sit still for longer than a few minutes. I am a firm believer in prayer and I could use some work on that area as well. I am going to work on that too, but have done nothing yet this year to help in that area.


I really have not done much in the way of striving to hit my PERSONAL targets this year. The work targets seem to be on track so far. Simply writing this and acknowledging it will help with the accountability portion of things. I would love to hear about your targets and where you are at so far this year...Let's help each other make it a great year!