I think the best way to look at a successful agent of the future is to look at the successful agent of today. I have the good fortune of being surrounded by many agents doing amazing things in both their work and home lives. Here are the Top 5 things I see that affect the success of today's agent:

1) The ability to adapt to a changing market - this one is quite obvious, but it is staggering how many agents are unable and unwilling to do so. Among this category lie those who are unwilling to work with distressed properties, renters, and lower income properties.

2) The understanding that Real Estate is a CONTACT SPORT and not simply a numbers game- EVERYONE is bombarded by email, junk mail, and social media. You are simply one of the masses unless you are establishing and maintaining personal contact with those around you. Statistics prove, time and time again, that phone calls and personal meetings are the most effective way to communicate and build relationships with those in your sphere.

3) Diversification of lead sources- While working by referral is a GREAT way to work, it is a limited stream of income. In a word where many people are stressed by financial and personal situations, you may not be the first one they want to talk to about their struggles. Being personally involved and friendly with someone may actually complicate that matter. Learn to live with this fact and identify additional sources of business.

4) Ability to identify the need to "walk away"- A majority of the agents I speak with have a very tough time doing this. Many feel that they are letting someone down by walking away from a potentially toxic situation. Others simply cannot "afford" to walk away form any potential business at this point. My question to them is "What is your time worth?" Is your family better served with you stressed beyond belief and working non-stop on something that only creates more stress? Would you be happier and healthier if you could simply tell someone that you may not be the best person to help them? I did a little experiment and asked my son what he would prefer. Try it- you might be shocked with the results.

5) Ability to truly live by The Golden Rule- We all learned it early. SOme took it to heart and others well...uhhh...not so much. Do Unto Others As You Would Have Done Unto You. Simple, yet amazingly effective if applied to all areas of your life!




What do you think the successful agent of the future looks like? I would guess, just about the same as they do today.

  • The market is ever-changing and that is a guarantee for the future.
  • Contact is king. Always has been and always will be. People have to buy you before they buy what you are selling.
  • Lead sources are abundant and opportunity will increase as things get better in our market (they already look to be doing so).
  • There will always be those who just need to work with someone who can work with their personality and expectations better than you can. Reintroduce them to the market!
  • Doing the right thing NEVER goes out of style. Serving others and putting them above yourself ALWAYS results in a positive.

Just my thoughts...Laughing