Welcome John McKnight- Buyer Agent for the Smith Team 

After joining the US Army as a medic/EMT in 1990, John McKnight has spent time in Boise, Colorado Springs, San Antonio, Tulsa and spent the last fifteen years in Portland, Oregon. While in Portland, John worked in management type positions for companies like DHL, Airborne Express, Nike and Fred Meyer.

John’s passion for real estate begin early on. He bought his first house at the age of twenty-two and ended up rehabbing it, then sold it a year later for a small profit. He has continued to rehab properties as a hobby for the past twenty years. He has worked on anything from tearing off and installing new roofs to completely gutting a kitchen to rebuilding from the studs.

About two years ago, he decided to join the real estate industry. He is also licensed in Oregon and Idaho. He enjoys having a job that allows him to be on the front lines. Currently he owns two rental properties in Oregon and plans to buy investments in Arizona.

John learned to fly airplanes about ten years ago and at one point owned his own Cessna plane. With the awesome weather in Phoenix, he hopes to buy another plane in the next few years so he can get back up into the friendly skies!

John will be working out of our Surprise office location as a buyer specialist on the Josh Smith team.  You can reach John at 503-341-5900 or via email at JohnM@teamsmith1.com

Welcome John McKnight!