If you asked me to name a few great philosophical minds of our times, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith would certainly not be among my top 100! He did, however make a statement that I heard that made me stop and think for a minute.

"Sometimes you're the pigeon-sometimes you're the statue". Though crude and silly, this is so true!

Birds have frequently been seen as a nuisance in our society. Crows make strange noises and creep you out. Buzzards hover around dead flesh and fight over the right to pick it apart...and on it goes throughout time! With the exception of storks and possibly carrier pigeons (do they still have those?), I cannot think of anything any bird delivers that is worthy of mentioning!

I recently heard a mentor use the term "Seagull Management". He desribed this style as simply flying in, pooping on everything, and flying back out. Someone else is left to clean up the mess! Another great analogy at the expense of birds! How many people do you know who work like that?? I know a few!!

I think it comes down to the old addage that bad things happen to good people. But, bad things (and good things) happen to bad and good people time and time again. The trick is in how you handle it! You can simply sit there and hope someone else comes along to clean you up, feel sorry for you, and tell you what you want to hear, or you can take some action and respond in a manner that leads to your growth as a person. Maybe you feel that involves strangling the pigeon, but that only leads to more trouble!

Not everyone can do the pooping ALL OF THE TIME! The world is full of great people who have mastered the art of dealing with challenges and are an inspiration to others. It is almost as if they are willing and ready to "take one for the team" and are ready to spring into action in the interest of a greater good!

Which type of person inspires you?


Just my thoughts Laughing