No jokes. No real estate comments. No kidding.

Today, I simply want to take a few minutes to write about something near and dear to my heart. Those who are serving and those who have served in our military.

I am fully aware that there are many who are opposed to any and every form of war and military action out there. I not only understand that, I agree with some of the viewpoints I have heard expressed on the topic of our most recent military actions. That being said, I also see young men and women who have given everything they have (up to and including their life) in the defense of their country no matter how they may or may not feel about the reasons why we are involved.

I think it is easy to sit back and state opinions on this subject. I think it is also easy to go out amongst others and freely and vocally make our thoughts known. There are a few groups out there who use the rights given to them by the defense of our Constitution to their advantage. These people have the right to go out and protest the funerals of our fallen soldiers. That right is protected and defended by the very same people who they disrespect. That is part of the constant and selfless sacrifice our military makes just about every day.

To me, a VETERAN is someone who has served even one minute in the defense of this country. Whether then or now, whether they are alive or have passed on. They are men and women. They are every color, creed, nationality, size and shape, but they are so much more than that. They are heroes and role models for a younger generation to see what it means to love something so much you would willingly die for it. To believe in something so deeply and truly that you allow someone to spit in your face because they feel as strongly as you do about the way THEY see it.

Veterans (including those who currently serve) ARE this country. You are one of the only true, pure, and GOOD things left. You are a role model and there are people around who are better because of something you did and may not even realize. Kids look up to you, and they should. I look up to you, because I know what it is like to serve and sacrifice knowing that JUST MAYBE you will make some kind of difference to someone.

God bless our troops and their families. God bless those who are serving and those who have served. I hope there is a special place in heaven for our REAL heroes. They have certainly earned it.


Just my thoughts. Smile