As we enter the holiday season, I hear the question "Do you guys get slow around Christmas?" It got me thinking about reasons why things might slow down. It also got me thinking about public perception and the fact that a majority of the media chooses their news and chooses not to report positives. Negatives make for better news...sad.

First, the Phoenix market has shown some progress in both the area of homes selling, and the price they are selling at. Many feel that this is directly related to LOW inventory. We see multiple offers being made. Many offers are at list price and above and buyers are doing what they need to do to get the house that they want. That is the market and that is life in our current economy. Now appraisals...ugh. That is a whole 'nuther blog!

Reports say spending was actually UP during the period of Black Friday and through last weekend. People seem to be gaining a bit of confidence in financial pieces of this challenging puzzle. I experienced Black Friday this year for the first time. I saw the mad rush and the dark side of humanity that day. Never again...just wanted to get that in there. Wink

Another major piece of where we are at is the idea that because 2012 is an election year, the government, political candidates, and lobbyists do not want the word "foreclosure" floating around everywhere. Many feel that the recent uptick in "pushing" short sales over foreclosures is a direct result of that desire to quiet the word foreclosure. I tend to side with this idea. Short sales remain a viable option in many cases, but it is always wise to consult an attorney and an accountant prior to making that decision.

Property is moving...So, why is your home not selling? Could be several reasons...

I would say that the number one reason I hear every day, is pricing. If your home is not competitively priced, it will probably not sell. Simple economics. Buyers have access to multitudes of resources through the Internet. An overwhelming majority of these potential customers start their search on the Internet. They like pictures and want to buy something they are already comfortable seeing. They see other pricing at the same time they see yours. What makes your stand out?

Probably the number two reason I hear is marketing (or lack thereof). If your agent does not market your home utilizing the Internet, RUN. If you have never heard of the company your agent works for, that is probably the case for many others, including potential buyers. Think of it this way:

If you were thinking about buying some running shoes and started your search for expensive shoes on the Internet, Which of the following would you choose if given only these two choices?

1) Scott Running Shoes. Rubber soles, breathable uppers, brand new. $100

2) NIKE Running Shoes See them here! All different price ranges to meet your needs!

Would you go straight to the link for the NIKE ad because you know the reputation of NIKE and what they have to offer? I would! And so would those potential buyers when looking to make the largest purchase they will ever make...They are not simply buying shoes, they are buying a company brand and peace of mind! If you (and/or your agent) are invisible on the Internet - YOU ARE IRRELEVANT!

Nike pays a TON of advertising money every year to make sure you know who they are. You see people like you leaving their home to go out and run. Come on! You can do it too! You can play basketball like Michael Jordan, because we molded his butt and made shorts for you! (They didn't really do that), but when you see the "swoosh" logo and that name, you feel like you know who they are and that they are better than many others. GEEZ! They should be paying ME for advertising in this blog Money mouth

As stated several times in past blogs, I am a firm believer in a client buying an agent because of their reputation and ability to provide a higher level of service. But...How can you prove your value to more and more clients if you never meet them? 100% satisfaction ratings from personal referrals are great, but won't pay your mortgage or car payment on a consistent basis. You need leads to do that! What can you do to get (and give) more referrals this year? Would a few extra deals LITERALLY change your life?

Just my thoughts...Laughing