RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship

In October 2013, The RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship – and the bigger-than-life personalities of the men and women that compete in long drive, along with the RE/MAX Brand will be seen around the globe on Golf Channel.

WHO: 400+ professional power golfers from around the globe with swing speeds in excess of 150mph who are able to drive a ball well over 400 yards.

WHAT: RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship features more than 5 hours of original television programming as competitors from around the world strive to claim the title of the longest hitter on earth.

WHERE: See all the action on the Golf Channel, from the division championships in Mesquite to the finals in Las Vegas.

On October 30 during a “live” broadcast, you will see the eight longest hitters in the world compete for $250,000 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

As you can see from the attached schedule, through our partnership with the Golf Channel RE/MAX Associates around the world will benefit from the more than 100 airings of the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship.
Learn more about our training classes, click here World Long Drive Championship 2013 Schedule.pdf