New RE/MAX Listing Presentation Available on Design Center Now 

Did you know that you can create a dynamic listing presentation right on RE/MAX Design Center? The new listing presentation offers you the same user-friendly format as before, but with a fresh, up-to-date look and market stats that will impress your seller clients. To access the listing presentation, all you need to do is log into your RE/MAX Mainstreet and go to the Design Center. Search for “listing presentation” and follow the simple easy steps to build your colorful, informative design.

This RE/MAX branded Listing Presentation includes a personalized letter promoting your expertise, marketing claims and statistics that show the power behind the brand, and other items that will help you convince potential sellers that they should work with you. Plus the presentation looks great on an iPad (and yes there is an app for the RE/MAX Presenter)! If you haven’t already added the RE/MAX Presenter app to your iPad, you will be prompted to enter a personalized access key, which can be found in your "Profile" section in Design Center.

The listing presentation is just one of many marketing tools that are available on Design Center. “Since Design Center first debuted in 2006, our agents have had access to state-of-the-art marketing tools,” says Abby Lee, RE/MAX Vice President, Brand Marketing and Advertising. “The new platform makes it even easier for them to grow their business through improved visibility with home buyers and sellers. It’s just one of the no-cost tools that RE/MAX provides our network.” Check out the new RE/MAX listing presentation! The options available will help you create a presentation that reflects your professionalism and expertise.