As we come closer and closer to the 10th anniversary of the events of September 11th, I cannot get a few things out of my head. Here I sit at 9:00pm at my kitchen counter reflecting on where we have come as a country since that terrible day 10 years ago. But, I also reflect on where I have come as a person.

It is hard for me to write much on this topic, as I feel that there is no way I can understand or even describe the feelings felt by so many who lost loved ones that day. First responders, military personnel, citizens of New York, employees at companies based in the twin towers, spouses, brothers/sisters, parents, family and many lives immediately impacted by a senseless tragedy.

I am not here to argue or to teach. I am not here to debate points or to try to put anything into perspective. Tonight, I am simply here to write what I am feeling.

It is common knowledge that during that time period surrounding these events, we came closer as a nation. I watched it happen just like you did. My initial reaction was exactly that...instant. I called a military recruiter and asked how I could go about possibly re-enlisting. I felt it was the least I could do. While I am not sure if I would have followed through on that reaction, I certainly made the call with the best of intentions. I was not sure of everything I was feeling, but I know that NOBODY messed with the good 'ol U.S. of A!!

What happened to those feelings of immense patriotism and unbridled pride? Where did they go? When did they go? I really don't remember. Am I still proud of my country? YES. Would I fight to protect it if asked to do so? YES. Do I feel that there is somewhat less that I am proud to protect? HONESTLY...MAYBE.

Like most, I am tired of the politics. I am tired of my benefits being slashed while elected officials get pay increases and MUCH better medical and retirement benefits than those who put themselves in harm's way every day. I am tired of the lies and dishonesty. I am tired of our elected officials getting away with murder. I am JUST PLAIN TIRED...


There are some things I am not tired of yet. I am not tired of living in a house with a roof over my head. I am not tired of having three meals every day (Have you SEEN me??!!). I am not tired of my job. I am not tired of our military members tirelessly performing their duties despite all of the odds against them. I am not tired of being able to worship in the manner of my choosing without fear of death or persecution. I am not tired of the concepts that this country was founded on and I will forever be proud of who I am and for what I stand.

This Sunday (9/11), I will look forward by looking at what the past has taught me. I will be more grateful than ever. I will spend time with my friends and family and join them in thanking those who make our safety possible. I don't think I will EVER get tired of that.

Just my thoughts...Smile