Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending and event called "Destination RE/MAX". This was my fourth trip to said event, and I have never blogged about this topic until now.

Destination RE/MAX is designed to inform and immerse a potential RE/MAX Agent in a full day of what it means to be an agent with this company. It is designed to be both fun and informative and provides a side of RE/MAX that even many of our current RE/MAX Professionals agents have not seen in person, but experience every day.

To be quite honest, while I enjoy attending the event, it is a very long day and involves flying in and out of Denver in one day. I always enjoy seeing the "corporate" people, and hearing our Chairman/Co-Founder Dave Liniger speak, though I have heard him present on numerous occasions. But this trip was a bit different...

Two of our current agents and two recruits attended Destination RE/MAX with me this time. All four of them were pretty blown away by the level of support and professionalism demonstarted at the event. Their enthusiasm and excitement was contagious and I found myself listening more intently and immersing myself in the culture of RE/MAX. My goal was to bring something off significant value back to share with RE/MAX Professionals!

One of the things that Dave Liniger spoke about really struck me. He used the phrase "one log makes a lousy fire". His point was that it is not easy (maybe not even possible) to light a fire with one log. You need some kindling or paper (support/ideas) to get it started. After the base is started, you can start to burn your log. But...what happens when that log has burned nearly out and you are left with a small flame that is dwindling? The best thing to do is throw on a few more really good logs. Get enough really good logs, and you have got a really nice bonfire spreading warmth and light to a large area.

I think RE/MAX Professionals has done a very good job in lighting the fire and adding some great "logs". My goal now is to add a few more good logs to the fire and start this bonfire REALLY blazing! We need great agents with a passion and desire to succeed. That is who WE are at RE/MAX Professionals, because that is who we hire! Is that you? Is it someone you know?


Just my thoughts...Laughing