It is really nice to be the bearer of GOOD NEWS every once-in-a-while! Over the last few months, I have had multiple conversations with multiple agents from just about every company you can imagine. A majority of those conversations centered around me asking them how they felt about the current market and where their business is at this point.

More and more of those conversations are indicating a definite "uptick" in the real estate market in and around the Phoenix area. Prices are certainly stabilizing, homes are selling quickly, and consumers seem to be willing to spend money if they find something that will work well for them. Throughout this challenging period of time, people have learned to adapt and to look at money and security in a whole new way.

It is no secret that employment and unemployment are the two major factors that drive any recovery we see in our area and throughout the united States. If people work, they earn money. If they have money, they either save it to spend at a later date or they spend it immediately. Many of them are turning that dream of home ownership into reality through a buyers market. The American dream is alive and well despite some challenges over the past several years!

As a younger dynamic becomes old enough to move out and purchase that first home, they will DRIVE this market. These people are often referred to as "Millennials". They are ready to move out when they find a home to purchase, and their parents are encouraging it too! Current low inventory numbers may be hampering this effort, but the general feeling is that those numbers are temporary and are certainly influenced not only by the possibility of "shadow" inventory, but by the fact that this is an election year and our current administration seems to like things appearing as they are and does not want higher inventory numbers leading to lowered home values. That is not a political opinion, simply a fact that cannot be ignored.

So what does this mean to an agent in our area? Stay the course. Things are improving and the ship is back on even keel! Those of you who have made it through this market are the survivors! You are the ones who will thrive as things return to our new sense of normal. You are TRULY the best of the best and you have EARNED the right to earn the money coming in the near future!


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