The city of Glendale enacted a new policy which impacts landlords and tenants of properties located in Glendale. Arizona. The new policy prohibits tenants from opening an account for utilities on a property they are renting; only the landlord may have an account, which means the landlord is held financially responsible for the usage of water, sewer and garbage service while the tenant occupies the property. The new policy went into effect on Sept 7th 2010 and will apply to any new utility accounts or properties that change occupants. There is a waiver the owner/landlord can sign, however, we strongly encourage you to read this disclosure carefully to make sure you are fully informed of what you are signing - or consult an attorney before you make this decision to sign your rights away. The other alternative is prepare your lease agreement to incorporate the utility expense and determine how it will be paid before the tenant moves in. As always, you never want to enter into an agreement without first consulting a professional Realtor.

See the City of Glendale's site for additional information about these changes here.

The city of Avondale Council is considering adopting this new policy as well, which would impact all rental properties located in the city of Avondale. The Council is meeting on Oct 4th 2010 to review the proposal. There are opponents on both sides of the fence, for the new rule and against the new rule. Investors are a vital part of the recovery of our market. This new policy changes the game for many who are thinking of investing in both these cities. In the end this will only continue to perpetuate the challenges Arizona is dealing with financially. I encourage you to get involved if you own a rental property in any part of the Valley. Being informed is the only way we can help rebuild our economy. If you have questions or need further help with your real estate concerns, please don't hesitate to call us anytime!