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RE/MAX Professionals Insider Newsletter April 2019

by RE/MAX Professionals

RE/MAX Professionals Insider Newsletter April 2019

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RE/MAX Professionals

Why 113 Is an Important Number

by Scott Wellman

113. Seems like a harmless number just kind of of sitting there alone with nothing really to say. Yet, this week, that number became incredibly relevant in West Valley real estate. It became something of a status symbol and a symbol of the value of working with other agents and leaders who perform at a TRUE high level.

113 is the ranking RE/MAX Professionals received for the 2012 RISMedia Power Broker Report. This industry leader in information systems provides a yearly ranking based on transactions throughout the entire nation. Professionals is the ONLY office headquartered in the West Valley to make this prestigious list. We were also the ONLY company in Arizona with fewer than 200 agents to also do so!

Productivity, training, support, and only hiring the best of the best (and those with the ability to become such) has long been our mantra here. It led to our agents averaging over 19 transaction each for 2011. Now, it has proven itself to, once again, be a solid and effective business model. So, you ask, who deserves credit here?

Simple. Our agents. While other local companies with THOUSANDS of agents bragged about having thousands of agents, ours were out there doing one thing. Selling more property than any other group. There was a recent article in a local publication in which a somewhat respected member of the Real Estate community was quoted making several comments about the cost of doing business and how "expensive" other companies were and how he "convinced 15 other agents to shop around for another brokerage". All while forming an "elite" team of "producers" who would be considered middle-of-the-road producers among top agents in the area.The standards required of this "elite" group would be considered bare minimums in our office. That is just a fact.

While I am not here to bash anyone, I feel it is important to state facts as they should be stated. Everyone works differently and that is what makes us all unique. Your customer is certainly buying YOU when choosing to work with you. The trick is getting that customer to know who you are and to pick up the phone. Statistics say name recognition leads to comfort with a brand. Comfort leads to contacts. If there is nobody who even knows who you are, how will you ever have the opportunity to show them what you can do? Is there any REAL chance that a foreign buyer (or even an out-of-state buyer) would find you? If not, you are missing the boat!

Take this for what it is worth. If you are the average of the five people with whom you affiliate yourself, what does that make you? If the agents in your office are simply hanging a license, where does that put you? It lumps you in with a group of non-producers simply looking to hang a license at the nearest place willing to let them do so! The public is incredibly savvy and that we cannot deny...Eventually, the big fish outgrows the small pond and runs out of room to swim. Being the big fish in a small pond does not make you incredible. It just makes you better than mediocre!

In a time of uncertainty, when agents were failing left and right, that model saw growth because it allowed anyone to keep their license whether they performed or not. In an ever-changing and growing marketplace, you MUST affiliate yourself with a winner, and not with a cheap "bare-bones" alternative who happens to take anyone who will fog a mirror.

Let me be clear...I am not knocking anyone in particular. I just know some producers who deserve to be affiliated with other winners in a nurturing, educational, respectful, and enthusiastic environment that asks a bit and gives ALOT in return. Some of them do not even know how much they are being held back by being affiliated with mediocrity. If you are a hard-working producer, you DESERVE to be here. You deserve to be affiliated with the best and further your hard-earned reputation. You owe it to yourself and to your family to find out what you COULD be doing...


Just my thoughts~

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