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Welcome to RE/MAX Professionals

by RE/MAX Professionals

Welcome to RE/MAX Professionals

We would like to extend a warm welcome to the following agents who have decided to join the RE/MAX Professionals family - we look forward to getting to know each of you and assisting you in your future success! 


Anne Mehedinti

Originally from Romania, Anne moved to Chicago and was married in 1995. In 2001, her husband and two children moved to Surprise Arizona where she decided to pursue her passion for the real estate industry. Anne enjoys sharing her knowledge with fellow colleagues and is excited to be a part of the RE/MAX Professionals family.

Anne has joined the Anna Shaw Team in our Surprise office location. Welcome Anne! 


Scott Zimmerman

Scott is an Arizona native, born and raised in Phoenix. He is a graduate of ASU with a degree in Construction Management. He was a licensed General Contractor and has worked for Centex Homes, Kitchell Custom Homes and Doors in Motion.

Scott has been married for seventeen years and has two children. His hobbies include home improvement, landscaping design, tennis and physical fitness.  Scott will be joining the Randy Lewis Team in our Arrowhead North office location. Welcome Scott!


Cassie Williams

Cassie moved from Ohio to Arizona when she was three years old and grew up in Scottsdale. Her real estate career started after she decided to relocate to Colorado at 18 years old, where she got her first job at a title company as a desk clerk. Since, she has been in the mortgage industry as well and now joins the sales side of the business as a buyer agent on a team at RE/MAX Professionals.

Cassie has four children, one son and three girls. In her spare time she enjoys cooking and baking. She will be working with JP Cook out of our Surprise office location. Welcome Cassie! 

What Can RE/MAX Professionals Offer that Others Cannot?

by Scott Wellman

I am frequently asked about the differences between RE/MAX Professionals and other offices. While I can sit all day and name things that put our agents on an elite level, the fact that the question has come up repeatedly lead me to really think about these reasons. Here are five things that we can offer that are unique to our office:

1) Free VoicePad system for all of our agents

2) The highest per agent productivity in the West Valley

3) Broker/Owners who actually WORK in real estate every day

4) SIX office locations available to all of our agents all the time

5) Weekly LIVE training in our offices and access to 24/7 training online through RE/MAX University

If you are considering a change of offices and would like to surround yourself by professionals who outproduce other agents, give me a call. I would love the opportunity to speak with you!

Spring Training Baseball? Here is What You Need!

by Scott Wellman

Why am I writing a blog on Spring Training in December?? Because NOW is the time to start planning your trip to Arizona for some MLB baseball! If you are looking for a GREAT gift for a loved one, what better gift than a great expereince in sunny Arizona? March/April in Arizona is my favorite time of year here. Just getting warm during the days and evenings are still nice and cool.

Living in this area for nearly 17 years, I have learned the ins and outs of a successful trip to Spring Training. Here are a few things to consider...

1) Where will you stay? Hotels book fast. There are more options, including renting a house for a week or two. With a few friends, this can be a very cost-effective way to go and allows you to prepare your own food saving money there too!

2) Tickets? Buy your tickets directly from the box office of the facilities you want to visit. It is your only guarantee of legitimate tickets that will be there when you need them. Avoid Craigslist and other sites to avoid scams. We see it every year. Here are the stadium sites for MARINERS/PADRES   ROCKIES/DIAMONDBACKS   GIANTS   ROYALS/RANGERS   BREWERS WHITE SOX/DODGERS   REDS/INDIANS   ANGELS   ATHLETICS (A's)

3) Visit Friends/Family - If you have friends/family in the Phoenix (and surrounding) area, they are probably pretty close to a Spring training Facility. Free lodging is always a good thing!

4) Come prepared to games - It is usually very warm and hydration is key! Most facilities allow sealed water and snacks and you can usually bring a small cooler too! Contrary to popular belief, beer is not adequate hydration...Water is not cheap at the games and you will be glad you brought your own. Here is an idea of weather during that time of year.

5) Bring your kids - There is no better opportunity for autographs, pictures, and home run balls than Spring Training. Players are accessible and you can often catch them before and after games in the parking lots. The best tip I have ever received is to tell your kids to be respectful and patient. Players love that and gravitate to those who they feel are fans and not memorabilia dealers looking to make money. SEE THIS for some good tips on getting autographs!

6) Plan. Plan. Plan. - Plan which stadiums/teams you want to see and make time for them. Traffic can be a bit slow in and out of the stadium areas. It has certainly improved over the years, but be prepared and leave early for games. Many of the games DO sell out, so plan in advance.

GO HAVE SOME FUN! This is a great way to make memories that last a lifetime...Need more info? Let me know!



My 10 Favorite Businesses in the SW Valley

by Scott Wellman

Let's get this out of the way...NO! I will not be naming RE/MAX Professionals as one of these businesses, though we DO have an Avondale location. That is a given :)

Here are 10 businesses that I choose to support based on my many years in this area. In no particular order, they are:

1) Agave Blue Frozen Yogurt (Palm Valley Area) - GREAT place. Clean and friendly with awesome choices. You can find coupons in the Savvy Shopper that comes in the mail. Find more on them HERE

2) Old Pueblo Cafe (Wigwam Area) - My FAVORITE place for chips and salsa! Best Salsa Ever! More on them HERE

3) Dino's Greek and Italian (Neer Pebble Creek) - Friendly and great food! Small place and the owners are always there. More info can be found HERE

4) Tomo Japanese Cuisine (Palm Valley Area) - I frequently debate this among friends, but Tomo is the most consistently good sushi and sashimi in the area in my opinion. Find them HERE

5) India Garden Fine Indian Cuisine (Avondale) - In the mood for something different? Great place with great service and the food is remarkably good! You can find them HERE

6) The Wigwam Resort (Litchfield Park) - AMAZING place for a stay-cation! We love staying her and using the pools and restaurants during the Summer. They run frequent specials that you can find HERE

7) Pinnacle Family Medicine (Litchfield/Camelback) - Need a GREAT Family Physician who focuses on ethical and accurate treatment? This is your place! Dr. Engstrom leads by example and everyone I have referred is very happy there. Check out their website HERE

8) Sal's Tuscan Grill - THE place for wood-fired oven pizza! Prices are reasonable and specials are even better. GREAT staff and family owned and operated. Simple place and friendly people. nice TV for sports too! Check them out HERE

9) Cancer Treatment Centers of America (Litchfield just South of I-10) - I love this place and what they are doing. I volunteer here as does my wife. Great place full of great people! Website is HERE

10) TAPS Signature Cuisine (Litchfield Park) - Local, great selection of food and drink, always fun! They have non-alcoholic options and it is not a wild "bar" type of place during the week. Flatbread pizza is really good! More on them RIGHT HERE


I receive no compensation from any of these businesses, and this is based solely on my personal opinion. As always, I would love to hear your thoughts and get ideas of local places to try!

Just my Thoughts Laughing

Who Buys Property in Retirement Communities Anyway?

by Scott Wellman

Over the past few months, I have had the pleasure of spending a fairly substantial amount of time in the retirement communities of the NW Valley. As we have merged with another office, we now have an office full of producers who know that area like it is nobody's business! RE/MAX has always been known for innovative thinking and a high caliber of agent and this office is no exception.

Again this week, I went on tour with our agents in that area and I am surprised (quite honestly) at some misinformation that has been accepted as "truth" among some very intelligent people...

Some are under the impression that you have to spend money on targeted advertising for a specific group within their own geographical area. While I certainly see some value in advertising to a group of potential sellers, exactly the OPPOSITE is true when it comes to what consumers look for when buying or selling a home in this area...

Here are some facts:

  • 94% of Buyers start their home search on the internet. Simple fact. ARTICLE IS HERE
  • Next to Arizonans, Canadians are the largest group of real estate purchasers in Arizona. Stats on that RIGHT HERE
  • People who live in retirement communities are not the ones buying in that same community a majority of the time.

How important is marketing and branding? VERY important. Your personal brand can be destroyed by being affiliated with an ineffective brand. If you are not known outside your area (where buyers are coming from), you better hope your company is!

How can you effectively market your sellers home to those outside the area? Would your seller be better served if you could do so? Could you benefit from leads handed to you from outside the area? What if those leads were referral fee free?

How many times have you heard "OH...I am retiring in Sun City and looking to move to Sun City West"? NEVER. Does anyone "outside the walls" know who you are and who you represent?

If you would like answers to any of these questions, please contact me today. I appreciate any feedback you may have!



Flu Shot...or NOT?

by Scott Wellman

As someone in the Real Estate industry, you are exposed to multiple people and often required to enter into a stranger's home. As we approach the time of year to consider flu season, I am wondering if anyone has any particular stories about a flu shot and why they do or do not get one each year. It seems that more and more people are telling me that they DO NOT get the flu vaccine and end up fine at the end of the season.

I have a healthcare background and I am familiar with Influenza and the different strains supposedly covered by different vaccines. I am also aware that "flu-like symptoms" are not necessarily influenza.

I never really considered the potential impact this illness could potentially have on the agents in our office until this year. They do not know what situation they walk into in all cases.Repeated exposure to infected persons cannot be good! I guess this can occur in any public place, but these are the people I work with every day so I am interested in their insight!

One local company is already gearing up to offer the flu vaccine and has already received an allotment of vaccine. They are recommending a flu shot for anyone over 6 months of age. That article can be found RIGHT HERE and I am interested in hearing your personal stories. Flu shot...or not? Please share!


Just my thoughts...

What Will Tomorrow's Real Estate Agent Look Like?

by Scott Wellman

I think the best way to look at a successful agent of the future is to look at the successful agent of today. I have the good fortune of being surrounded by many agents doing amazing things in both their work and home lives. Here are the Top 5 things I see that affect the success of today's agent:

1) The ability to adapt to a changing market - this one is quite obvious, but it is staggering how many agents are unable and unwilling to do so. Among this category lie those who are unwilling to work with distressed properties, renters, and lower income properties.

2) The understanding that Real Estate is a CONTACT SPORT and not simply a numbers game- EVERYONE is bombarded by email, junk mail, and social media. You are simply one of the masses unless you are establishing and maintaining personal contact with those around you. Statistics prove, time and time again, that phone calls and personal meetings are the most effective way to communicate and build relationships with those in your sphere.

3) Diversification of lead sources- While working by referral is a GREAT way to work, it is a limited stream of income. In a word where many people are stressed by financial and personal situations, you may not be the first one they want to talk to about their struggles. Being personally involved and friendly with someone may actually complicate that matter. Learn to live with this fact and identify additional sources of business.

4) Ability to identify the need to "walk away"- A majority of the agents I speak with have a very tough time doing this. Many feel that they are letting someone down by walking away from a potentially toxic situation. Others simply cannot "afford" to walk away form any potential business at this point. My question to them is "What is your time worth?" Is your family better served with you stressed beyond belief and working non-stop on something that only creates more stress? Would you be happier and healthier if you could simply tell someone that you may not be the best person to help them? I did a little experiment and asked my son what he would prefer. Try it- you might be shocked with the results.

5) Ability to truly live by The Golden Rule- We all learned it early. SOme took it to heart and others well...uhhh...not so much. Do Unto Others As You Would Have Done Unto You. Simple, yet amazingly effective if applied to all areas of your life!




What do you think the successful agent of the future looks like? I would guess, just about the same as they do today.

  • The market is ever-changing and that is a guarantee for the future.
  • Contact is king. Always has been and always will be. People have to buy you before they buy what you are selling.
  • Lead sources are abundant and opportunity will increase as things get better in our market (they already look to be doing so).
  • There will always be those who just need to work with someone who can work with their personality and expectations better than you can. Reintroduce them to the market!
  • Doing the right thing NEVER goes out of style. Serving others and putting them above yourself ALWAYS results in a positive.

Just my thoughts...Laughing

How To Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself

by Scott Wellman

Of the many things I love about working at Professionals, our affiliation with charity organizations has got to be among the top. We encourage and support our agents in their charitable endeavors and we are a HUGE supporter of Children's Miracle Network.We spend time and money supporting this amazing organization and will continue to do so.

Most of us are fortunate enough to never have to worry about a sick child. We never have to wonder if our child will live. We don't even have to worry about them being able to walk, run, laugh, and play like every other child. We don't even think about it...

I challenge you as you read this blog. THINK ABOUT IT! We are all on this big blue and green ball together. I have seen multiple families affected by disease and tragedy over the past few years. Along with that comes an amazing sense of community that I have experienced in this office. We are here for each other...NO MATTER WHAT!

If you are currently doing what you can to "lighten someone's load" good for you! If not, there is no better way to stop feeling sorry for yourself than to serve someone less fortunate! I guarantee you that you will be a better person for doing so.

Just my thoughts...

Merger: RE/MAX Integrity Joins RE/MAX Professionals!

by Scott Wellman

RE/MAX Professionals is excited to announce a merger with RE/MAX Integrity, which will pair elite agents and strong leadership to create one of the most successful and productive real estate brokerages in the area. The two firms combined will remain RE/MAX Professionals and will service all areas of the Valley.

RE/MAX Professionals was founded in 2001 by Owners Nate Martinez and Frank Russo, while RE/MAX Integrity has been in operation since 1992. Combined we will have approximately 200 professional and experienced real estate agents serving the Phoenix Metro and surrounding areas.

In addition to an increase in market share, this merger furthers the outstanding reputations of our two premier groups offering world class service to Arizona homebuyers and sellers, investors, and commercial clients. Both Nate Martinez and Frank Russo previously worked with RE/MAX Integrity prior to founding RE/MAX Professionals 10 years ago. RE/MAX Integrity Broker/Owner Ed McCloud is a mentor and friend to both Nate and Frank, and all parties are excited for this opportunity!

“We took a long look and saw that a merger of these brokerages would create a win-win situation for all parties involved,” said Frank. “Our offices share similar philosophies and creating an even stronger alliance is in everyone’s best interest. The RE/MAX agents in both firms have provided outstanding service to their clients for years and with even more resources, we’re confident we’ll continue to build on our current success in this market.”

Nate added, “This is a great day for both groups. We respect Ed (McCloud) and we have worked with the many outstanding Integrity agents over the years. We’re excited to merge the talent from both sides and serve an even greater population of homebuyers and sellers in Arizona.”

In 2010, our agents participated in a combined total of 4,528 closed transactions which ranked us No. 8 nationally and No. 1 in Arizona among all RE/MAX Affiliates for closed transactions sides, and places us at an incredible No. 77 amongst all brokerages and brands in the entire United States according to the recently released Real Trends 500 report.

RE/MAX Professionals now has seven offices located in Surprise, Avondale, Glendale (2), Sun City West, Anthem, and Central Phoenix.

The Power of Many Makes a Difference

by RE/MAX Professionals

As I drove down the 51 freeway last weekend headed to the Phoenix Zoo with my girls, I was in awe of the new patient tower currently under construction at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. My team is a strong supporter of the Miracle Home program and we donate a portion of the commission from every home we sell to Children’s Miracle Network which goes directly to our local hospital. For every bank owned home we sell a donation is made in the new homeowner’s name. Even with the down turn of the market, we continue to donate. To date we have donated $11,400 to Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

In 2009, RE/MAX generated $7 million for Children’s Miracle Network Internationally. In the United States, giving remained extremely strong despite the challenges facing the real estate market. In Canada, RE/MAX continues to make a significant impact in raising funds and awareness for Children’s Miracle Network, donating over $3.5 million dollars.

The power of many to make a difference - the true secret behind the RE/MAX relationship with Children’s Miracle Network. The individual donations of thousands of Associates amount to millions of dollars each year for children’s hospitals. Since 1992, RE/MAX has raised more than $100 million in donations for Children’s Miracle Network. I am proud to say my team and the majority of the associates who work for RE/MAX Professionals have been a part of this outstanding contribution. Our office has collectively donated $34,150 to date in 2010.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital is Arizona’s only licensed children’s hospital, providing world-class care in more than 40 pediatric specialties to the state’s sickest kids. Though Phoenix Children’s is one of the ten largest freestanding children’s hospitals in the country, rapid population growth in Arizona means the hospital must grow as well.

There are more than 170 Children’s Miracle Network hospitals throughout North America. Each year these hospitals treat 17 million children for every disease and injury imaginable. Collectively they impact the lives of more children than any other children’s organization in North America.

It makes me sleep a little better at night knowing that my infant daughter, Mila, and my 2 year old grand baby, Hayden, both have the best-of-the-best in medical care right in my backyard. If you are interested in learning more about the hospital facilities and how you can get involved, please let me know and I will make arrangements for a personal tour. Unfortunately disease and illness do not take a back seat to the economic struggles.

On behalf of myself, my team, and the RE/MAX Professionals staff, we want to thank each of you who continue to make our contributions possible. We are blessed to have the opportunity to make a difference in our community!

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