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Spring Training Baseball? Here is What You Need!

by Scott Wellman

Why am I writing a blog on Spring Training in December?? Because NOW is the time to start planning your trip to Arizona for some MLB baseball! If you are looking for a GREAT gift for a loved one, what better gift than a great expereince in sunny Arizona? March/April in Arizona is my favorite time of year here. Just getting warm during the days and evenings are still nice and cool.

Living in this area for nearly 17 years, I have learned the ins and outs of a successful trip to Spring Training. Here are a few things to consider...

1) Where will you stay? Hotels book fast. There are more options, including renting a house for a week or two. With a few friends, this can be a very cost-effective way to go and allows you to prepare your own food saving money there too!

2) Tickets? Buy your tickets directly from the box office of the facilities you want to visit. It is your only guarantee of legitimate tickets that will be there when you need them. Avoid Craigslist and other sites to avoid scams. We see it every year. Here are the stadium sites for MARINERS/PADRES   ROCKIES/DIAMONDBACKS   GIANTS   ROYALS/RANGERS   BREWERS WHITE SOX/DODGERS   REDS/INDIANS   ANGELS   ATHLETICS (A's)

3) Visit Friends/Family - If you have friends/family in the Phoenix (and surrounding) area, they are probably pretty close to a Spring training Facility. Free lodging is always a good thing!

4) Come prepared to games - It is usually very warm and hydration is key! Most facilities allow sealed water and snacks and you can usually bring a small cooler too! Contrary to popular belief, beer is not adequate hydration...Water is not cheap at the games and you will be glad you brought your own. Here is an idea of weather during that time of year.

5) Bring your kids - There is no better opportunity for autographs, pictures, and home run balls than Spring Training. Players are accessible and you can often catch them before and after games in the parking lots. The best tip I have ever received is to tell your kids to be respectful and patient. Players love that and gravitate to those who they feel are fans and not memorabilia dealers looking to make money. SEE THIS for some good tips on getting autographs!

6) Plan. Plan. Plan. - Plan which stadiums/teams you want to see and make time for them. Traffic can be a bit slow in and out of the stadium areas. It has certainly improved over the years, but be prepared and leave early for games. Many of the games DO sell out, so plan in advance.

GO HAVE SOME FUN! This is a great way to make memories that last a lifetime...Need more info? Let me know!



5 Great Holiday Day-Trips to Take with Your Kids

by Scott Wellman

Although we all enjoy the warmth and abundant sunshine of living in one of the most amazing winter climates anywhere, there is still a certain feel around the holidays that can only be experienced by being "out of your element"...

Over our 17 years in the Valley, my family has established a few traditions and enjoy sharing them with others. Of course, the fun is only enhanced when you throw in nutty family and a few hours in the car! Here are a few of my favorites (and a few favorites that were shared with me):

1) Sedona's Red Rock Fantasy - We do this EVERY year. Los Abrigados Resort in Sedona displays and AMAZING assortment of lights. You walk around and there are cocoa stops (they also serve Bailey's and other Adult creamers). At the end of the light walk, you will see a fat old dude with a beard in a red suit. Do not be alarmed, it is not Jerry Garcia...It has snowed on us twice while we were there. Pretty cool.

It is always cold, which makes it better if you are prepared, so dress VERY warmly. Bring a stroller for younger kids. Admission is around $5 for adults and $2 for kids 5-12. Lil' guys are free. Worth EVERY PENNY and the money goes to local charities! INFO HERE

2) Polar Express - I have never been. I know...BAD DAD! I have heard nothing but positive on this other than the fact that it is tough to get tickets unless you call early. It involves a train, fun stories, hot cocoa, and potential snow...Who can argue with that?? DETAILS

3) Prescott Events -Multiple events stretching from Thanksgiving-New Years Day! I have heard that the Courthouse lighting ceremony is really neat! More info can be found HERE. If you end up loving it in Prescott, contact me for any of your real estate needs and I will refer you to someone in our office who can help you out! There is also a very neat Christmas store where you can get a keepsake of your trip...Their website is RIGHT HERE

4) Glendale Glitters -Awesome event with all kinds of lights, fun stuff, good food, and great music. It gets really busy, so we figured out that going a bit early will save you some serious time. Very kid friendly and it is FREE! Check it out RIGHT HERE

5) Star of Wonder - By FAR, my personal favorite event. If you have never been to witness this, PLEASE check it out this year! This church puts on a world-class performance including live animals, dancers, singing, and even a singing Christmas tree. A special bonus is that the Pastor of the church looks like Jerry Jones, Owner of the Dallas Cowboys. We laugh about that every year. Take the kids and BUY RESERVED SEATS! It is well worth the money and guarantees you a place to sit. This year, it is an all new show called Celebration of Christmas! Check out THIS LINK for more information. Your kids will NEVER forget it!

Enjoy your time together and remember how important family and friends are in our lives. Anyone have any other great places to visit? I would love to hear about your favorite places...


Just my thoughts Wink

Who Buys Property in Retirement Communities Anyway?

by Scott Wellman

Over the past few months, I have had the pleasure of spending a fairly substantial amount of time in the retirement communities of the NW Valley. As we have merged with another office, we now have an office full of producers who know that area like it is nobody's business! RE/MAX has always been known for innovative thinking and a high caliber of agent and this office is no exception.

Again this week, I went on tour with our agents in that area and I am surprised (quite honestly) at some misinformation that has been accepted as "truth" among some very intelligent people...

Some are under the impression that you have to spend money on targeted advertising for a specific group within their own geographical area. While I certainly see some value in advertising to a group of potential sellers, exactly the OPPOSITE is true when it comes to what consumers look for when buying or selling a home in this area...

Here are some facts:

  • 94% of Buyers start their home search on the internet. Simple fact. ARTICLE IS HERE
  • Next to Arizonans, Canadians are the largest group of real estate purchasers in Arizona. Stats on that RIGHT HERE
  • People who live in retirement communities are not the ones buying in that same community a majority of the time.

How important is marketing and branding? VERY important. Your personal brand can be destroyed by being affiliated with an ineffective brand. If you are not known outside your area (where buyers are coming from), you better hope your company is!

How can you effectively market your sellers home to those outside the area? Would your seller be better served if you could do so? Could you benefit from leads handed to you from outside the area? What if those leads were referral fee free?

How many times have you heard "OH...I am retiring in Sun City and looking to move to Sun City West"? NEVER. Does anyone "outside the walls" know who you are and who you represent?

If you would like answers to any of these questions, please contact me today. I appreciate any feedback you may have!



5 AWESOME Places to Visit in the West Valley

by Scott Wellman

OK...I admit it. I am particularly fond of the West Valley. I live and work here and have for almost 17 years. Here, in no particular order, are FIVE great things I have found to see in the West Valley:

1) White Tank Regional Park. I wrote about it in a past blog. I had not been there and when I went, I was truly STUNNED at what an idiot I am for not going there before! Check it out HERE

2) Cerreta Candy Company tour. It is chocolate and you can take a tour. Enough said. LOOK HERE

3) Cabelas. No matter what your age. Giant aquariums full of game fish are cool. Add an Arizona wildlife exhibit and...oh man! My true redneck starts coming out! Check it out HERE

4) Baseball. It is nearly year-round here! Pro, semi-pro, Little League, whatever! My personal favorites are MLB Spring Training and Arizona Fall League. Fall League is great to get autographs and pictures with future big-leaguers!

5) Visit Wickenburg. It is just a whole different world there. The drive is not too bad from the West Valley and they have periodic events that are family-friendly and different from anything you get in the "big city". Check it out HERE and if you decide you love it TOO MUCH, you can get more information on the area and particulars on the housing market by visiting my friend SERGIO HORCOS' website RIGHT HERE

As always, I would love to hear any other suggestions and I might even use yours in a future blog!


Displaying blog entries 311-314 of 314