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What Can RE/MAX Professionals Offer that Others Cannot?

by Scott Wellman

I am frequently asked about the differences between RE/MAX Professionals and other offices. While I can sit all day and name things that put our agents on an elite level, the fact that the question has come up repeatedly lead me to really think about these reasons. Here are five things that we can offer that are unique to our office:

1) Free VoicePad system for all of our agents

2) The highest per agent productivity in the West Valley

3) Broker/Owners who actually WORK in real estate every day

4) SIX office locations available to all of our agents all the time

5) Weekly LIVE training in our offices and access to 24/7 training online through RE/MAX University

If you are considering a change of offices and would like to surround yourself by professionals who outproduce other agents, give me a call. I would love the opportunity to speak with you!

Practice Random Kindness

by Scott Wellman

I cried this week. Yep. Scott Wellman cried this week and is not afraid to admit it. I received an email from a friend on the East Coast that touched me so much I cried. I shared it with a bunch of people who said they took it to heart and refocused a few things because of the story. I thought the LEAST I could do would be to share it here and hope that you get something from it.

The story was that of a young man who was walking home from school with his books on a Friday afternoon. Some kids ran by and knocked the books out of his hands. While this young man scurried around trying to pick up the large stack of books, a popular football player stopped to help him. The football player ended up walking home with the more "scholarly" young man (Kyle) and a friendship was formed.

Years went by, and their friendship became stronger and stronger. Turned out, they may have been different in appearance, but they were very much the same. Kyle ended up being valedictorian of their graduating class and was headed to Georgetown for pre-med studies. The following is an abridged version of his speech that day:

"Graduation is a time to thank those who helped you make it through those tough years. Parents, teachers, siblings, maybe a coach, and certainly your friends..."

He continued, "I am here to tell you that being a friend to someone is the best gift that you can give them. I want to tell you a story."

People stared in disbelief as Kyle told the story about the events of that day. How he was walking home with his books that Friday because he was going to kill himself and did not want his mother to face the humiliation of having to clean out his locker on Monday.

Kyle said "I was saved. My friend saved me from doing the unthinkable". A gasp went through the crowd as this smart, energetic young man told everyone about his weakest moment.

Kyles parents smiled knowingly as Kyle continued..."Never underestimate the power of your actions. One small gesture can change another person's life for better or for worse". God puts us all in each others' life to impact it in some way".

I do not know if this story is true or not, but the principle certainly rings true. I have watched a few colleagues get to the point of feeling that they had no hope and that their only option was to remove themselves from this life. I cannot sit idly by as others may be hurting and near that point themselves.

In this business, we have the opportunity to meet and interact with a variety of people. Vendors, other agents, co-workers, clients, and so on...

This business can be tough on anyone. Add to that the economic challenges many are facing and it can be even more challenging. PLEASE practice random kindness in every encounter. You truly never know when the simple act of listening might change or even save a life.




Sell My Home Already!!!

by Scott Wellman

As we enter the holiday season, I hear the question "Do you guys get slow around Christmas?" It got me thinking about reasons why things might slow down. It also got me thinking about public perception and the fact that a majority of the media chooses their news and chooses not to report positives. Negatives make for better news...sad.

First, the Phoenix market has shown some progress in both the area of homes selling, and the price they are selling at. Many feel that this is directly related to LOW inventory. We see multiple offers being made. Many offers are at list price and above and buyers are doing what they need to do to get the house that they want. That is the market and that is life in our current economy. Now appraisals...ugh. That is a whole 'nuther blog!

Reports say spending was actually UP during the period of Black Friday and through last weekend. People seem to be gaining a bit of confidence in financial pieces of this challenging puzzle. I experienced Black Friday this year for the first time. I saw the mad rush and the dark side of humanity that day. Never again...just wanted to get that in there. Wink

Another major piece of where we are at is the idea that because 2012 is an election year, the government, political candidates, and lobbyists do not want the word "foreclosure" floating around everywhere. Many feel that the recent uptick in "pushing" short sales over foreclosures is a direct result of that desire to quiet the word foreclosure. I tend to side with this idea. Short sales remain a viable option in many cases, but it is always wise to consult an attorney and an accountant prior to making that decision.

Property is moving...So, why is your home not selling? Could be several reasons...

I would say that the number one reason I hear every day, is pricing. If your home is not competitively priced, it will probably not sell. Simple economics. Buyers have access to multitudes of resources through the Internet. An overwhelming majority of these potential customers start their search on the Internet. They like pictures and want to buy something they are already comfortable seeing. They see other pricing at the same time they see yours. What makes your stand out?

Probably the number two reason I hear is marketing (or lack thereof). If your agent does not market your home utilizing the Internet, RUN. If you have never heard of the company your agent works for, that is probably the case for many others, including potential buyers. Think of it this way:

If you were thinking about buying some running shoes and started your search for expensive shoes on the Internet, Which of the following would you choose if given only these two choices?

1) Scott Running Shoes. Rubber soles, breathable uppers, brand new. $100

2) NIKE Running Shoes See them here! All different price ranges to meet your needs!

Would you go straight to the link for the NIKE ad because you know the reputation of NIKE and what they have to offer? I would! And so would those potential buyers when looking to make the largest purchase they will ever make...They are not simply buying shoes, they are buying a company brand and peace of mind! If you (and/or your agent) are invisible on the Internet - YOU ARE IRRELEVANT!

Nike pays a TON of advertising money every year to make sure you know who they are. You see people like you leaving their home to go out and run. Come on! You can do it too! You can play basketball like Michael Jordan, because we molded his butt and made shorts for you! (They didn't really do that), but when you see the "swoosh" logo and that name, you feel like you know who they are and that they are better than many others. GEEZ! They should be paying ME for advertising in this blog Money mouth

As stated several times in past blogs, I am a firm believer in a client buying an agent because of their reputation and ability to provide a higher level of service. But...How can you prove your value to more and more clients if you never meet them? 100% satisfaction ratings from personal referrals are great, but won't pay your mortgage or car payment on a consistent basis. You need leads to do that! What can you do to get (and give) more referrals this year? Would a few extra deals LITERALLY change your life?

Just my thoughts...Laughing

10 Holiday Classics to Share with Your Family

by Scott Wellman

It is that time of year! Time to bundle up and get out of the 65-75 degree "chill". It's time to cozy up and watch a few movies with your family...Yep. Arizona rocks like that.

Every year, my family watches the same movies over and over. There is one reason for that...because they are AWESOME!


Here are my favorites with a few links (listed backwards for dramatic effect)


10) The Santa Clause (Original) ORIGINAL TRAILER HERE

9) Jingle All the Way CLIP HERE

8) The Muppet Christmas Carol WATCH TRAILER HERE

7) Home Alone (the original) Watch the Trailer

6) How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Jim Carrey Version) GREAT CLIP HERE

5) A Christmas Carol (new version) WATCH A BIT RIGHT HERE

4) A Christmas Story GREAT SCENE HERE

3) It's a Wonderful Life WATCH THE ENTIRE END SCENE!!

2) National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (for older audience) FRIED PUSSYCAT!



Enjoy some time with your family over the next few weeks. Movies are cost effective and create life-long memories for the entire family.We would love to hear any other suggestions, so comment on this post...

If you are tired of snow and cold, I know a few agents who can help you with that too!



Simply Veterans.

by Scott Wellman

No jokes. No real estate comments. No kidding.

Today, I simply want to take a few minutes to write about something near and dear to my heart. Those who are serving and those who have served in our military.

I am fully aware that there are many who are opposed to any and every form of war and military action out there. I not only understand that, I agree with some of the viewpoints I have heard expressed on the topic of our most recent military actions. That being said, I also see young men and women who have given everything they have (up to and including their life) in the defense of their country no matter how they may or may not feel about the reasons why we are involved.

I think it is easy to sit back and state opinions on this subject. I think it is also easy to go out amongst others and freely and vocally make our thoughts known. There are a few groups out there who use the rights given to them by the defense of our Constitution to their advantage. These people have the right to go out and protest the funerals of our fallen soldiers. That right is protected and defended by the very same people who they disrespect. That is part of the constant and selfless sacrifice our military makes just about every day.

To me, a VETERAN is someone who has served even one minute in the defense of this country. Whether then or now, whether they are alive or have passed on. They are men and women. They are every color, creed, nationality, size and shape, but they are so much more than that. They are heroes and role models for a younger generation to see what it means to love something so much you would willingly die for it. To believe in something so deeply and truly that you allow someone to spit in your face because they feel as strongly as you do about the way THEY see it.

Veterans (including those who currently serve) ARE this country. You are one of the only true, pure, and GOOD things left. You are a role model and there are people around who are better because of something you did and may not even realize. Kids look up to you, and they should. I look up to you, because I know what it is like to serve and sacrifice knowing that JUST MAYBE you will make some kind of difference to someone.

God bless our troops and their families. God bless those who are serving and those who have served. I hope there is a special place in heaven for our REAL heroes. They have certainly earned it.


Just my thoughts. Smile

What is Wrong with Drinking a Little Kool-Aid?

by Scott Wellman

Every once-in-a-while, a natural phenomenon occurs and something out of the ordinary comes to pass...I upset someone. If you are a regular reader of any of my blog content, you know by now that I am candid and honest in my opinions. I am respectful, but what is the point of "sugar coating" my thoughts in my own blog? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of it being MY blog?

Last week I had an agent call me about an email I sent out to him regarding some numbers just reported in our market. Those numbers simply stated the AVERAGE transaction count of agents from several different real estate companies throughout the Valley. Here is a (slightly modified) transcript of that conversation:

ME: "Hello?"

Agent X:  Hi Scott. I have to tell you that I am a little bit sick of your emails"

Me: "For what reason? Which email? Did you know you have the option to unsubscribe?"

Agent X: "The one that shows that stupid know, the one that makes RE/MAX look superior to other companies"

Me: "OH. You mean the numbers reported on ARMLS data that show how many more transactions our agents do compared to other agents at other companies in the area?"

Agent X: "Yes. I know you guys think we are just a bunch of cult members sitting around drinking Kool Aid and singing Koom-baya over here, but some of us work very hard"

Me: Well... "First off, I like Kool Aid. From what I see, this report never said anything about cult-like activity, refreshing water based drinks, or anything about YOUR work ethic. I applaud your efforts, and you would not receive any correspondence from me if your numbers were not among the best in your company. We only hire the best..."

Agent X: "I guess I just get tired of hearing about how you think RE/MAX is so much better than other companies..."

Me: " No disrespect to you, but I don't think I could EVER get tired of that! It is my job to bring in top talent to our company and to boost the production of our agents. I NEVER get tired of telling others how great the people here are..."

Agent X: "Yeah, but not everyone wants to hear it..."

Me: "Consumers do. They say so in survey after survey. They also say our agents do a better job on both the buyer and seller sides than any other group. Did you see that JD Power award email I sent last month?"

Agent X: "Yeah...that one got on my nerves too"

Me: "Hey 'Agent X', I guess you could say that I am actually the one who drank the Kool Aid over here, huh? Maybe rather than hear stats and see these emails full of awards and positive response from consumers we can go a different route..."

Agent X: "What route is that?"

Me: "Let's go talk about HOW we do that. Let's talk about the people in the office and what they are doing to perform at this type of level. I would love to hear about YOUR business and what you are doing to outperform those in your office"

Agent X: "I guess I would talk to you..."

Me: "Great! How does tomorrow afternoon look? I will buy the Kool Aid!"


I have to be honest with you. I NEVER get tired of agents from other companies calling me to complain that I send too much info touting RE/MAX and our lofty numbers. You are in this business to SELL REAL ESTATE. I have the desire and need to provide for my family and to make sure our agents (and clients) get the most value for their hard-earned money. Fortunately, succesful and productive agents see value in this mindset of success and letting others know you can assist them at a higher level because you are already doing it at a higher level.


Just my thoughts...Laughing







My 10 Favorite Businesses in the SW Valley

by Scott Wellman

Let's get this out of the way...NO! I will not be naming RE/MAX Professionals as one of these businesses, though we DO have an Avondale location. That is a given :)

Here are 10 businesses that I choose to support based on my many years in this area. In no particular order, they are:

1) Agave Blue Frozen Yogurt (Palm Valley Area) - GREAT place. Clean and friendly with awesome choices. You can find coupons in the Savvy Shopper that comes in the mail. Find more on them HERE

2) Old Pueblo Cafe (Wigwam Area) - My FAVORITE place for chips and salsa! Best Salsa Ever! More on them HERE

3) Dino's Greek and Italian (Neer Pebble Creek) - Friendly and great food! Small place and the owners are always there. More info can be found HERE

4) Tomo Japanese Cuisine (Palm Valley Area) - I frequently debate this among friends, but Tomo is the most consistently good sushi and sashimi in the area in my opinion. Find them HERE

5) India Garden Fine Indian Cuisine (Avondale) - In the mood for something different? Great place with great service and the food is remarkably good! You can find them HERE

6) The Wigwam Resort (Litchfield Park) - AMAZING place for a stay-cation! We love staying her and using the pools and restaurants during the Summer. They run frequent specials that you can find HERE

7) Pinnacle Family Medicine (Litchfield/Camelback) - Need a GREAT Family Physician who focuses on ethical and accurate treatment? This is your place! Dr. Engstrom leads by example and everyone I have referred is very happy there. Check out their website HERE

8) Sal's Tuscan Grill - THE place for wood-fired oven pizza! Prices are reasonable and specials are even better. GREAT staff and family owned and operated. Simple place and friendly people. nice TV for sports too! Check them out HERE

9) Cancer Treatment Centers of America (Litchfield just South of I-10) - I love this place and what they are doing. I volunteer here as does my wife. Great place full of great people! Website is HERE

10) TAPS Signature Cuisine (Litchfield Park) - Local, great selection of food and drink, always fun! They have non-alcoholic options and it is not a wild "bar" type of place during the week. Flatbread pizza is really good! More on them RIGHT HERE


I receive no compensation from any of these businesses, and this is based solely on my personal opinion. As always, I would love to hear your thoughts and get ideas of local places to try!

Just my Thoughts Laughing

5 AWESOME Places to Visit in the West Valley

by Scott Wellman

OK...I admit it. I am particularly fond of the West Valley. I live and work here and have for almost 17 years. Here, in no particular order, are FIVE great things I have found to see in the West Valley:

1) White Tank Regional Park. I wrote about it in a past blog. I had not been there and when I went, I was truly STUNNED at what an idiot I am for not going there before! Check it out HERE

2) Cerreta Candy Company tour. It is chocolate and you can take a tour. Enough said. LOOK HERE

3) Cabelas. No matter what your age. Giant aquariums full of game fish are cool. Add an Arizona wildlife exhibit and...oh man! My true redneck starts coming out! Check it out HERE

4) Baseball. It is nearly year-round here! Pro, semi-pro, Little League, whatever! My personal favorites are MLB Spring Training and Arizona Fall League. Fall League is great to get autographs and pictures with future big-leaguers!

5) Visit Wickenburg. It is just a whole different world there. The drive is not too bad from the West Valley and they have periodic events that are family-friendly and different from anything you get in the "big city". Check it out HERE and if you decide you love it TOO MUCH, you can get more information on the area and particulars on the housing market by visiting my friend SERGIO HORCOS' website RIGHT HERE

As always, I would love to hear any other suggestions and I might even use yours in a future blog!


9 Cool Things to Do with Your Kids this Fall

by Scott Wellman

As the weather cools off a bit, many begin thinking of actually going outside their homes to do something! I know it is a foreign concept after a Summer of relentless heat, but it happens every year. Here are a few things to do with your kids this Fall:

1) Go Fishing. Many of the urban lakes are very accessible and an urban fishing license is inexpensive. License info is HERE

2) Build and fly a kite. Younger kids always enjoy this and enjoy you being there with them! How? INSTRUCTIONS

3) Find a FREE concert or festival. Many communities offer them free. Just hope it is not THESE GUYS

4) Go on a hike. The White Tanks in the West Valley are AWESOME and you can see petroglyphs. Trails range from very easy  up to difficult. Take some water and maybe a snack or two! Info can be found HERE

5) Go on a picnic. Nearly every community has a GREAT park for a picnic and some frisbee. One of my favorites is the Courthouse Square in Prescott. Great lawn there and always much cooler! Check it out RIGHT HERE

6) Go watch some baseball. Arizona Fall League is a GREAT value and teams are located around the Valley. More info HERE

7) Organize a neighborhood wiffle ball game. I do this one often. We invite all of the kids (and parents) from all over the neighborhood to participate and come up with our own rules. Cheap and fun and gets you talking to your neighbors!

8) Go on a biking adventure. In your neighborhood or in the mountains, there are great places to ride and spend time together doing something active.

9) Go hit golf balls. My favorite place in the West Valley is HERE

10) BONUS!! Hit a haunted house! There are a few to be found, but the best I have seen is at Fear Farm in the SW Valley. Check it out HERE

Just realized I told you to "go fly a kite" and to "take a hike" in one blog. Do both!



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