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7th Annual REAL Trends/Wall Street Journal Winners

RE/MAX Professionals - Winners of the 7th Annual REAL Trends/Wall Street Journal

Recently, the winners of the top 1,000 real estate professionals and team were announced according to the 7th Annual REAL Trends/Wall Street Journal prestigious ranking.

Each year, the Wall Street Journal and REAL Trends, Inc. complies a list of the top 1,000 agents and teams across the United States based on closed transaction volume and total closed units. It is amazing to see just how many homes are sold each year across the nation! The top real estate team in the U.S. sold $325,609,732 in overall real estate volume! We are proud to share that our very own Nate Martinez Team, as well as the Smith Team in our Surprise office, are mong the top producing agents according to the 7th Annual REAL Trends/Wall Street Journal.

The Nate Martinez Team was ranked #33 in total transaction closed and #187 for total transaction volume. We successfully closed 452 homes last year with a total sales volume of $55,535,581.

Smith & Associates Real Estate Group was ranked #31 in transaction sides with a total closed volume of $49,000,000.

Congrats to all the winners!

To view the full report, click here.


Why 113 Is an Important Number

by Scott Wellman

113. Seems like a harmless number just kind of of sitting there alone with nothing really to say. Yet, this week, that number became incredibly relevant in West Valley real estate. It became something of a status symbol and a symbol of the value of working with other agents and leaders who perform at a TRUE high level.

113 is the ranking RE/MAX Professionals received for the 2012 RISMedia Power Broker Report. This industry leader in information systems provides a yearly ranking based on transactions throughout the entire nation. Professionals is the ONLY office headquartered in the West Valley to make this prestigious list. We were also the ONLY company in Arizona with fewer than 200 agents to also do so!

Productivity, training, support, and only hiring the best of the best (and those with the ability to become such) has long been our mantra here. It led to our agents averaging over 19 transaction each for 2011. Now, it has proven itself to, once again, be a solid and effective business model. So, you ask, who deserves credit here?

Simple. Our agents. While other local companies with THOUSANDS of agents bragged about having thousands of agents, ours were out there doing one thing. Selling more property than any other group. There was a recent article in a local publication in which a somewhat respected member of the Real Estate community was quoted making several comments about the cost of doing business and how "expensive" other companies were and how he "convinced 15 other agents to shop around for another brokerage". All while forming an "elite" team of "producers" who would be considered middle-of-the-road producers among top agents in the area.The standards required of this "elite" group would be considered bare minimums in our office. That is just a fact.

While I am not here to bash anyone, I feel it is important to state facts as they should be stated. Everyone works differently and that is what makes us all unique. Your customer is certainly buying YOU when choosing to work with you. The trick is getting that customer to know who you are and to pick up the phone. Statistics say name recognition leads to comfort with a brand. Comfort leads to contacts. If there is nobody who even knows who you are, how will you ever have the opportunity to show them what you can do? Is there any REAL chance that a foreign buyer (or even an out-of-state buyer) would find you? If not, you are missing the boat!

Take this for what it is worth. If you are the average of the five people with whom you affiliate yourself, what does that make you? If the agents in your office are simply hanging a license, where does that put you? It lumps you in with a group of non-producers simply looking to hang a license at the nearest place willing to let them do so! The public is incredibly savvy and that we cannot deny...Eventually, the big fish outgrows the small pond and runs out of room to swim. Being the big fish in a small pond does not make you incredible. It just makes you better than mediocre!

In a time of uncertainty, when agents were failing left and right, that model saw growth because it allowed anyone to keep their license whether they performed or not. In an ever-changing and growing marketplace, you MUST affiliate yourself with a winner, and not with a cheap "bare-bones" alternative who happens to take anyone who will fog a mirror.

Let me be clear...I am not knocking anyone in particular. I just know some producers who deserve to be affiliated with other winners in a nurturing, educational, respectful, and enthusiastic environment that asks a bit and gives ALOT in return. Some of them do not even know how much they are being held back by being affiliated with mediocrity. If you are a hard-working producer, you DESERVE to be here. You deserve to be affiliated with the best and further your hard-earned reputation. You owe it to yourself and to your family to find out what you COULD be doing...


Just my thoughts~

Agent Awards!

by Scott Wellman

I want to congratulate our agents on the MULTIPLE awards they won through RE/MAX for 2011. The list is rather extensive, but I felt it proper to include everyone because this is not small accomplishment ANY time due to competitng against RE/MAX-caliber agents, but it is certainly more impressive in our current market! Congratulations to the following:

Executive Club ($50,000-$99,999 commission amount)

Sharon Alwine, Lea Archer, Colleen Beguin, Polly Brown, Dan Burkhard, Debbie Campbell, Ken Dawson, Erin DeLung, Melissa Dierks, Larry Feiner, Dave Finatri, Patti Gorski, Irene Green, Brooke Jordan, Don Landon, Jodie Luke, Treedah Magee, Frank May, Marion McGuire, Tim O'Buckley, Steve Padilla, Carl Phillips, Heather Phillips, Rick Ramirez, Sean Rubek, Anna Shaw, Julie Schoppaul, Beth Skaggs, Tonya Smith, Jan Valley, Gwen Wallace, Dan Wheeler, and Jake Wright.

100% Club ($100,000-$249,999 Commission Amount)

Ellen Baker, Diane Barnes, Joe Bourland, JP Cook, Ralph Cote, Jim Ernst, Paula Farace, Barb Henderson, Mike Higgins, Sergio Horcos, Brandon Howe. Andy Kist, Candise Klackle, Elaine Kovacevich, Jim Kuttner, Billie Lamontagne, John Luders, Kristie Lund, Sharon Mason, Karen Ortega-Matson, Sheri McBroom, Cara McGuire, John McKampson, Trudy Metcalf, Marci Minchella, Jay Otlewski, Kym Polanco, Tim Polanco, Alex Robayo, Karen Reuland, Lala Smith, Lenore Stevenson, Mounty West, Mike Zahn, and Chris Zubrycki.

Platinum Club ($250,000-$499,999 Commission Amount)

Drew DeLeon, Jason Campagna, Randy Lewis, Jay Patel, Susan Ramsey, Frank Russo, Mike Sims

Chairman's Club

Shelby DiBiase and Linda Rehwalt

Diamond Club ($1,000,000 Commission Amount)

Nate Martinez and Josh Smith

Office awards included the following:


Closed Transactions for ALL OF ARIZONA

#1- Smith Team

#3- Nate Martinez Team


Commissions Paid for ALL OF ARIZONA

#4 Smith Team

#6 Nate Martinez Team


Administrator of the Year (Entire SW Region)

Roxanne Scott, General Manager RE/MAX Professionals


Multi-Office Volume award for ARIZONA

$600,000,000 volume - RE/MAX Professionals


Community Citizenship Award for entire SW Region (Children's Miracle Network)

RE/MAX Professionals


Congratulations to our wonderful agents who do such amazing things EVERY YEAR!

What Can RE/MAX Professionals Offer that Others Cannot?

by Scott Wellman

I am frequently asked about the differences between RE/MAX Professionals and other offices. While I can sit all day and name things that put our agents on an elite level, the fact that the question has come up repeatedly lead me to really think about these reasons. Here are five things that we can offer that are unique to our office:

1) Free VoicePad system for all of our agents

2) The highest per agent productivity in the West Valley

3) Broker/Owners who actually WORK in real estate every day

4) SIX office locations available to all of our agents all the time

5) Weekly LIVE training in our offices and access to 24/7 training online through RE/MAX University

If you are considering a change of offices and would like to surround yourself by professionals who outproduce other agents, give me a call. I would love the opportunity to speak with you!

Let's Build a Bonfire!

by Scott Wellman

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending and event called "Destination RE/MAX". This was my fourth trip to said event, and I have never blogged about this topic until now.

Destination RE/MAX is designed to inform and immerse a potential RE/MAX Agent in a full day of what it means to be an agent with this company. It is designed to be both fun and informative and provides a side of RE/MAX that even many of our current RE/MAX Professionals agents have not seen in person, but experience every day.

To be quite honest, while I enjoy attending the event, it is a very long day and involves flying in and out of Denver in one day. I always enjoy seeing the "corporate" people, and hearing our Chairman/Co-Founder Dave Liniger speak, though I have heard him present on numerous occasions. But this trip was a bit different...

Two of our current agents and two recruits attended Destination RE/MAX with me this time. All four of them were pretty blown away by the level of support and professionalism demonstarted at the event. Their enthusiasm and excitement was contagious and I found myself listening more intently and immersing myself in the culture of RE/MAX. My goal was to bring something off significant value back to share with RE/MAX Professionals!

One of the things that Dave Liniger spoke about really struck me. He used the phrase "one log makes a lousy fire". His point was that it is not easy (maybe not even possible) to light a fire with one log. You need some kindling or paper (support/ideas) to get it started. After the base is started, you can start to burn your log. But...what happens when that log has burned nearly out and you are left with a small flame that is dwindling? The best thing to do is throw on a few more really good logs. Get enough really good logs, and you have got a really nice bonfire spreading warmth and light to a large area.

I think RE/MAX Professionals has done a very good job in lighting the fire and adding some great "logs". My goal now is to add a few more good logs to the fire and start this bonfire REALLY blazing! We need great agents with a passion and desire to succeed. That is who WE are at RE/MAX Professionals, because that is who we hire! Is that you? Is it someone you know?


Just my thoughts...Laughing

Where You At? 2012 Goals in Review

by Scott Wellman

So we made it through the first few weeks of 2012. We are here, you are reading this post, and the world's population was not consumed by aliens . Looks pretty good so far...

Where are you at on your 2012 goals? Are you striving to get where you need/want to be? I am about to be incredibly transparent, so strap in for the long haul!

I had many goals for the new year and, quite frankly, I never got around to writing them out. I am a HUGE proponent of written goals, but I lack in this department on a personal level. That is one of my goals this actually set and monitor that which I will strive for.

I do not really like the word "goals". A goal is something that, once you hit it, you are done with whatever got you to that point. Kinda like soccer or football. You hit that goal, and score a point. That seems too closed-ended in my mind. Target is better, maybe because you can hit the same target multiple times and not hit the bullseye. Still not ideal, but until I find another term I am sticking with it.

1) Striving to live a more healthy life is one of my targets. I have an ideal weight in mind, but as long as I am healthy, active, and set a good example, I am fine with what happens to my rapidly aging body :) I started off on a bad note, but I am on track over the past few days.

2) Another target I have set for myself is to simply make more outgoing phone calls at work. Even if every person refused to speak to me, I am making an effort. That seems to solidify my role in my mind. It also saves me time I would have spent on that person had I not made that call. I am already averaging more calls a day this year.

3) This one is tough. I have set a target to take more time with my dad and my son. I already spend alot of time with my son, but I love to watch him and my dad interact. I never wnat to regret not spending more time with either of them. I have done NOTHING year to date in this area.

4) Patience. I need a little patience. Noooooooooowwwww... I could be alot more patient with my wife and with others. My wife is one of the hardest working people I have ever seen and her job demands taht she work alot of extra hours. I seem to be FINE if it is ME working at 11 at night, but not so nice if it is her. I have worked on this for YEARS, but continue to struggle with it.

5) RELAX! I just need to learn to relax and turn off the outside world whenever I can do so. I am the type that will go NON-STOP on vacation. I simply cannot sit still for longer than a few minutes. I am a firm believer in prayer and I could use some work on that area as well. I am going to work on that too, but have done nothing yet this year to help in that area.


I really have not done much in the way of striving to hit my PERSONAL targets this year. The work targets seem to be on track so far. Simply writing this and acknowledging it will help with the accountability portion of things. I would love to hear about your targets and where you are at so far this year...Let's help each other make it a great year!


5 Steps to Improving Your Business in 2012

by Scott Wellman

A good friend and mentor I have often tells people he can solve their money problems in three simple words. At the end of this blog, I will share those three words. Here are five great tips to help you boost your real estate business in 2012. Coming from an office that outproduces nearly every company in the state with fewer agents, there might be something to this!

1) Align yourself with your goals. Weird, huh? Make sure your life plan and activities are in direct line with the business you want to see.

2) Plan the work - and work the plan! You would not take a road trip without a map or plan of some kind, right? Why would you risk traveling the road of life without a map? Write out your business plan, but include a mission statement. If you would like to see mine, I would be happy to email it to you. Please comment below and let me know!

3) Set stretch goals. Write down what you want to make next year...then DOUBLE IT. If you don't quite get to that "double" goal, you still went well beyond your previous goal!

4) Involve others. Ask yourself who would be affected if you took instant action in your business. Your spouse? Kids? Parents? Friends? Those are the same people who might be affected if you choose NOT to take immediate action. Remind yourself daily what you are trying to accomplish and who it will affect.

5) Schedule. Make time for EVERYTHING and write it out. Personal time, family time, self improvement time, education, appointments, EVERYTHING. This has changed my life and I can help you do this. If you need help with organization in your life, I highly recommend a book called 7L-The Seven levels of Communication by Michael Maher. You can find it HERE


So, all of that said. I promised three little words that can impact your business in 2012, right?! Here they are.......




Think about it. If you remove the drama, challenges, worry, etc. from every day life and simply have a few extra conversations about real estate you will change your entire year. Challenges arise. That is life. How you handle them is the only thing over which you have control. Stop talking about your world takeover and go tell someone you would like their business. They just might give it to you!


Just my thoughts... Laughing

"Best Agent" Predictions for 2012

by Scott Wellman

You can put away the Magic 8 Ball... I went straight to a few of our highly productive agents and asked them what 2012 might bring in our market. These agents, as a group, are averaging more closed transactions than other agents and there is a good reason for that. As you can see, the answers may vary in wording, but the theme is pretty much the same!

"Next year will be the year of the short sale. Hedge funds are buying up bad mortgage notes from banks at .25 on the dollar. They will offer short sale deals to owners to incentivize them for selling their home. They will offer anywhere from $2,500 to $30,000 depending on the spread. They are not government backed, which allows them to do this without worry."

Steve Padilla - SW Valley Office (works all areas)

"2012 is the most pivotal year for real estate since 2007. The average person does not yet realize that our market bottomed out early in 2011. The market is now a seller's market-with available inventory half of what it was in 2010.

With shrinking supply and high demand, 2012 has a recipe for an increase in prices. I am estimating that we will see 5% for the year, but some neighborhoods will see much more appreciation, while outlying areas lag.

This will be the year of the short sale, with underwater homeowners who purchased over the last five years continuing to sell. REO's will decrease in the market, while short sales continue to increase. We will also see more equity sellers and move-up buyers, fueled by a hot market.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to still buy while interest rates are at historic lows...increasing rates and values make NOW the time to buy."

Jake Wright - (works Phoenix to the Prescott area)


"Short sale, short sale, short sale. That will be the major push in 2012." 

Joe Bourland - SW Valley Office (works all areas of the Valley)


"I feel the market has a very strong desire to stabilize and return to some sense of a new normalcy in 2012. Recent consumer retail spending suggests that consumer confidence would like to increase as a whole. People are just simply TIRED of the recession...many factors continue to negatively impact the market and local economies, including a financial crisis in Europe, high unemployment numbers, and the uncertainty of an upcoming Presidential election...Many buyers will continue to see very advantageous purchase opportunities as a result of of continued uncertainty and downward pressure on prices. As RE/MAX Professionals REALTORS, we remain steadfast in our commitment to our clients, no matter what their needs and no matter the market conditions. We are here to provide them with the highest level of personal service to help them achieve their real estate goals"

 Bill Campbell - Arrowhead North Office (works all areas of the Valley)


 "There are strong signs that the single-family housing market is poised for a rebound in 2012. My opinion is that the market has "bottomed out" with sales and pricing moving forward. The foreclosure market is declining while short sales and traditional sales are rising. Existing home inventory is currently at the lowest level in five years. Therefore, 2012 is going to be an exciting year with affordability at a record high and interest rates at historic lows!"

Melissa Dierks - Arrowhead South Office (works all areas of the Valley)


"In 2012 I expect we will see increased short sale transactions and reduced foreclosures. There will be more investors trying to buy REO properties at trustee sales as inventory is lower due to reduced foreclosures. Housing prices will continue to be stagnant with little increases in value"

Linda Rehwalt - Anthem Specialist


"2012 is geared to be a turning point as the economy is the focal point of the Presidential election. Reflecting on Phoenix's history with the precipitous rise and fall of crisis periods Arizona should play a role as a driving force for housing, mirroring the emphasis for growth. With less inventory in the lower priced housing market, buyers will be gradually purchasing higher priced homes. The prices should begin to rise incrementally, forcing renters and potential first time home buyers to evaluate the market and determine that the time to buy is now, not in a few years. Arizona is a viable barometer of the country's health, and as we begin to prosper, so will the rest of the country"

Karen Phillips - Arrowhead North Office (works all areas)

As you can see, our agents are ready to help in 2012. They are educated, they are motivated, and they work this business FULL TIME. They know the areas they work. Our agents averaged over 26 transactions per year while the national average was just over SIX! They work with distressed homeowners, investors, first-time buyers, and just about anyone you can imagine EVERY DAY!

If you would like to speak with any of our agents, please reply below or email me at and I will forward your contact information immediately.

All included statements and opinions are solely those of the individual agent and do not necessarily represent the opinions of RE/MAX Professionals.

Best Wishes for a PROSPEROUS 2012!!


Just my thoughts Laughing

Sell My Home Already!!!

by Scott Wellman

As we enter the holiday season, I hear the question "Do you guys get slow around Christmas?" It got me thinking about reasons why things might slow down. It also got me thinking about public perception and the fact that a majority of the media chooses their news and chooses not to report positives. Negatives make for better news...sad.

First, the Phoenix market has shown some progress in both the area of homes selling, and the price they are selling at. Many feel that this is directly related to LOW inventory. We see multiple offers being made. Many offers are at list price and above and buyers are doing what they need to do to get the house that they want. That is the market and that is life in our current economy. Now appraisals...ugh. That is a whole 'nuther blog!

Reports say spending was actually UP during the period of Black Friday and through last weekend. People seem to be gaining a bit of confidence in financial pieces of this challenging puzzle. I experienced Black Friday this year for the first time. I saw the mad rush and the dark side of humanity that day. Never again...just wanted to get that in there. Wink

Another major piece of where we are at is the idea that because 2012 is an election year, the government, political candidates, and lobbyists do not want the word "foreclosure" floating around everywhere. Many feel that the recent uptick in "pushing" short sales over foreclosures is a direct result of that desire to quiet the word foreclosure. I tend to side with this idea. Short sales remain a viable option in many cases, but it is always wise to consult an attorney and an accountant prior to making that decision.

Property is moving...So, why is your home not selling? Could be several reasons...

I would say that the number one reason I hear every day, is pricing. If your home is not competitively priced, it will probably not sell. Simple economics. Buyers have access to multitudes of resources through the Internet. An overwhelming majority of these potential customers start their search on the Internet. They like pictures and want to buy something they are already comfortable seeing. They see other pricing at the same time they see yours. What makes your stand out?

Probably the number two reason I hear is marketing (or lack thereof). If your agent does not market your home utilizing the Internet, RUN. If you have never heard of the company your agent works for, that is probably the case for many others, including potential buyers. Think of it this way:

If you were thinking about buying some running shoes and started your search for expensive shoes on the Internet, Which of the following would you choose if given only these two choices?

1) Scott Running Shoes. Rubber soles, breathable uppers, brand new. $100

2) NIKE Running Shoes See them here! All different price ranges to meet your needs!

Would you go straight to the link for the NIKE ad because you know the reputation of NIKE and what they have to offer? I would! And so would those potential buyers when looking to make the largest purchase they will ever make...They are not simply buying shoes, they are buying a company brand and peace of mind! If you (and/or your agent) are invisible on the Internet - YOU ARE IRRELEVANT!

Nike pays a TON of advertising money every year to make sure you know who they are. You see people like you leaving their home to go out and run. Come on! You can do it too! You can play basketball like Michael Jordan, because we molded his butt and made shorts for you! (They didn't really do that), but when you see the "swoosh" logo and that name, you feel like you know who they are and that they are better than many others. GEEZ! They should be paying ME for advertising in this blog Money mouth

As stated several times in past blogs, I am a firm believer in a client buying an agent because of their reputation and ability to provide a higher level of service. But...How can you prove your value to more and more clients if you never meet them? 100% satisfaction ratings from personal referrals are great, but won't pay your mortgage or car payment on a consistent basis. You need leads to do that! What can you do to get (and give) more referrals this year? Would a few extra deals LITERALLY change your life?

Just my thoughts...Laughing

10 Holiday Classics to Share with Your Family

by Scott Wellman

It is that time of year! Time to bundle up and get out of the 65-75 degree "chill". It's time to cozy up and watch a few movies with your family...Yep. Arizona rocks like that.

Every year, my family watches the same movies over and over. There is one reason for that...because they are AWESOME!


Here are my favorites with a few links (listed backwards for dramatic effect)


10) The Santa Clause (Original) ORIGINAL TRAILER HERE

9) Jingle All the Way CLIP HERE

8) The Muppet Christmas Carol WATCH TRAILER HERE

7) Home Alone (the original) Watch the Trailer

6) How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Jim Carrey Version) GREAT CLIP HERE

5) A Christmas Carol (new version) WATCH A BIT RIGHT HERE

4) A Christmas Story GREAT SCENE HERE

3) It's a Wonderful Life WATCH THE ENTIRE END SCENE!!

2) National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (for older audience) FRIED PUSSYCAT!



Enjoy some time with your family over the next few weeks. Movies are cost effective and create life-long memories for the entire family.We would love to hear any other suggestions, so comment on this post...

If you are tired of snow and cold, I know a few agents who can help you with that too!



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