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5 Steps to Improving Your Business in 2012

by Scott Wellman

A good friend and mentor I have often tells people he can solve their money problems in three simple words. At the end of this blog, I will share those three words. Here are five great tips to help you boost your real estate business in 2012. Coming from an office that outproduces nearly every company in the state with fewer agents, there might be something to this!

1) Align yourself with your goals. Weird, huh? Make sure your life plan and activities are in direct line with the business you want to see.

2) Plan the work - and work the plan! You would not take a road trip without a map or plan of some kind, right? Why would you risk traveling the road of life without a map? Write out your business plan, but include a mission statement. If you would like to see mine, I would be happy to email it to you. Please comment below and let me know!

3) Set stretch goals. Write down what you want to make next year...then DOUBLE IT. If you don't quite get to that "double" goal, you still went well beyond your previous goal!

4) Involve others. Ask yourself who would be affected if you took instant action in your business. Your spouse? Kids? Parents? Friends? Those are the same people who might be affected if you choose NOT to take immediate action. Remind yourself daily what you are trying to accomplish and who it will affect.

5) Schedule. Make time for EVERYTHING and write it out. Personal time, family time, self improvement time, education, appointments, EVERYTHING. This has changed my life and I can help you do this. If you need help with organization in your life, I highly recommend a book called 7L-The Seven levels of Communication by Michael Maher. You can find it HERE


So, all of that said. I promised three little words that can impact your business in 2012, right?! Here they are.......




Think about it. If you remove the drama, challenges, worry, etc. from every day life and simply have a few extra conversations about real estate you will change your entire year. Challenges arise. That is life. How you handle them is the only thing over which you have control. Stop talking about your world takeover and go tell someone you would like their business. They just might give it to you!


Just my thoughts... Laughing

"Best Agent" Predictions for 2012

by Scott Wellman

You can put away the Magic 8 Ball... I went straight to a few of our highly productive agents and asked them what 2012 might bring in our market. These agents, as a group, are averaging more closed transactions than other agents and there is a good reason for that. As you can see, the answers may vary in wording, but the theme is pretty much the same!

"Next year will be the year of the short sale. Hedge funds are buying up bad mortgage notes from banks at .25 on the dollar. They will offer short sale deals to owners to incentivize them for selling their home. They will offer anywhere from $2,500 to $30,000 depending on the spread. They are not government backed, which allows them to do this without worry."

Steve Padilla - SW Valley Office (works all areas)

"2012 is the most pivotal year for real estate since 2007. The average person does not yet realize that our market bottomed out early in 2011. The market is now a seller's market-with available inventory half of what it was in 2010.

With shrinking supply and high demand, 2012 has a recipe for an increase in prices. I am estimating that we will see 5% for the year, but some neighborhoods will see much more appreciation, while outlying areas lag.

This will be the year of the short sale, with underwater homeowners who purchased over the last five years continuing to sell. REO's will decrease in the market, while short sales continue to increase. We will also see more equity sellers and move-up buyers, fueled by a hot market.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to still buy while interest rates are at historic lows...increasing rates and values make NOW the time to buy."

Jake Wright - (works Phoenix to the Prescott area)


"Short sale, short sale, short sale. That will be the major push in 2012." 

Joe Bourland - SW Valley Office (works all areas of the Valley)


"I feel the market has a very strong desire to stabilize and return to some sense of a new normalcy in 2012. Recent consumer retail spending suggests that consumer confidence would like to increase as a whole. People are just simply TIRED of the recession...many factors continue to negatively impact the market and local economies, including a financial crisis in Europe, high unemployment numbers, and the uncertainty of an upcoming Presidential election...Many buyers will continue to see very advantageous purchase opportunities as a result of of continued uncertainty and downward pressure on prices. As RE/MAX Professionals REALTORS, we remain steadfast in our commitment to our clients, no matter what their needs and no matter the market conditions. We are here to provide them with the highest level of personal service to help them achieve their real estate goals"

 Bill Campbell - Arrowhead North Office (works all areas of the Valley)


 "There are strong signs that the single-family housing market is poised for a rebound in 2012. My opinion is that the market has "bottomed out" with sales and pricing moving forward. The foreclosure market is declining while short sales and traditional sales are rising. Existing home inventory is currently at the lowest level in five years. Therefore, 2012 is going to be an exciting year with affordability at a record high and interest rates at historic lows!"

Melissa Dierks - Arrowhead South Office (works all areas of the Valley)


"In 2012 I expect we will see increased short sale transactions and reduced foreclosures. There will be more investors trying to buy REO properties at trustee sales as inventory is lower due to reduced foreclosures. Housing prices will continue to be stagnant with little increases in value"

Linda Rehwalt - Anthem Specialist


"2012 is geared to be a turning point as the economy is the focal point of the Presidential election. Reflecting on Phoenix's history with the precipitous rise and fall of crisis periods Arizona should play a role as a driving force for housing, mirroring the emphasis for growth. With less inventory in the lower priced housing market, buyers will be gradually purchasing higher priced homes. The prices should begin to rise incrementally, forcing renters and potential first time home buyers to evaluate the market and determine that the time to buy is now, not in a few years. Arizona is a viable barometer of the country's health, and as we begin to prosper, so will the rest of the country"

Karen Phillips - Arrowhead North Office (works all areas)

As you can see, our agents are ready to help in 2012. They are educated, they are motivated, and they work this business FULL TIME. They know the areas they work. Our agents averaged over 26 transactions per year while the national average was just over SIX! They work with distressed homeowners, investors, first-time buyers, and just about anyone you can imagine EVERY DAY!

If you would like to speak with any of our agents, please reply below or email me at and I will forward your contact information immediately.

All included statements and opinions are solely those of the individual agent and do not necessarily represent the opinions of RE/MAX Professionals.

Best Wishes for a PROSPEROUS 2012!!


Just my thoughts Laughing

Spring Training Baseball? Here is What You Need!

by Scott Wellman

Why am I writing a blog on Spring Training in December?? Because NOW is the time to start planning your trip to Arizona for some MLB baseball! If you are looking for a GREAT gift for a loved one, what better gift than a great expereince in sunny Arizona? March/April in Arizona is my favorite time of year here. Just getting warm during the days and evenings are still nice and cool.

Living in this area for nearly 17 years, I have learned the ins and outs of a successful trip to Spring Training. Here are a few things to consider...

1) Where will you stay? Hotels book fast. There are more options, including renting a house for a week or two. With a few friends, this can be a very cost-effective way to go and allows you to prepare your own food saving money there too!

2) Tickets? Buy your tickets directly from the box office of the facilities you want to visit. It is your only guarantee of legitimate tickets that will be there when you need them. Avoid Craigslist and other sites to avoid scams. We see it every year. Here are the stadium sites for MARINERS/PADRES   ROCKIES/DIAMONDBACKS   GIANTS   ROYALS/RANGERS   BREWERS WHITE SOX/DODGERS   REDS/INDIANS   ANGELS   ATHLETICS (A's)

3) Visit Friends/Family - If you have friends/family in the Phoenix (and surrounding) area, they are probably pretty close to a Spring training Facility. Free lodging is always a good thing!

4) Come prepared to games - It is usually very warm and hydration is key! Most facilities allow sealed water and snacks and you can usually bring a small cooler too! Contrary to popular belief, beer is not adequate hydration...Water is not cheap at the games and you will be glad you brought your own. Here is an idea of weather during that time of year.

5) Bring your kids - There is no better opportunity for autographs, pictures, and home run balls than Spring Training. Players are accessible and you can often catch them before and after games in the parking lots. The best tip I have ever received is to tell your kids to be respectful and patient. Players love that and gravitate to those who they feel are fans and not memorabilia dealers looking to make money. SEE THIS for some good tips on getting autographs!

6) Plan. Plan. Plan. - Plan which stadiums/teams you want to see and make time for them. Traffic can be a bit slow in and out of the stadium areas. It has certainly improved over the years, but be prepared and leave early for games. Many of the games DO sell out, so plan in advance.

GO HAVE SOME FUN! This is a great way to make memories that last a lifetime...Need more info? Let me know!



Sell My Home Already!!!

by Scott Wellman

As we enter the holiday season, I hear the question "Do you guys get slow around Christmas?" It got me thinking about reasons why things might slow down. It also got me thinking about public perception and the fact that a majority of the media chooses their news and chooses not to report positives. Negatives make for better news...sad.

First, the Phoenix market has shown some progress in both the area of homes selling, and the price they are selling at. Many feel that this is directly related to LOW inventory. We see multiple offers being made. Many offers are at list price and above and buyers are doing what they need to do to get the house that they want. That is the market and that is life in our current economy. Now appraisals...ugh. That is a whole 'nuther blog!

Reports say spending was actually UP during the period of Black Friday and through last weekend. People seem to be gaining a bit of confidence in financial pieces of this challenging puzzle. I experienced Black Friday this year for the first time. I saw the mad rush and the dark side of humanity that day. Never again...just wanted to get that in there. Wink

Another major piece of where we are at is the idea that because 2012 is an election year, the government, political candidates, and lobbyists do not want the word "foreclosure" floating around everywhere. Many feel that the recent uptick in "pushing" short sales over foreclosures is a direct result of that desire to quiet the word foreclosure. I tend to side with this idea. Short sales remain a viable option in many cases, but it is always wise to consult an attorney and an accountant prior to making that decision.

Property is moving...So, why is your home not selling? Could be several reasons...

I would say that the number one reason I hear every day, is pricing. If your home is not competitively priced, it will probably not sell. Simple economics. Buyers have access to multitudes of resources through the Internet. An overwhelming majority of these potential customers start their search on the Internet. They like pictures and want to buy something they are already comfortable seeing. They see other pricing at the same time they see yours. What makes your stand out?

Probably the number two reason I hear is marketing (or lack thereof). If your agent does not market your home utilizing the Internet, RUN. If you have never heard of the company your agent works for, that is probably the case for many others, including potential buyers. Think of it this way:

If you were thinking about buying some running shoes and started your search for expensive shoes on the Internet, Which of the following would you choose if given only these two choices?

1) Scott Running Shoes. Rubber soles, breathable uppers, brand new. $100

2) NIKE Running Shoes See them here! All different price ranges to meet your needs!

Would you go straight to the link for the NIKE ad because you know the reputation of NIKE and what they have to offer? I would! And so would those potential buyers when looking to make the largest purchase they will ever make...They are not simply buying shoes, they are buying a company brand and peace of mind! If you (and/or your agent) are invisible on the Internet - YOU ARE IRRELEVANT!

Nike pays a TON of advertising money every year to make sure you know who they are. You see people like you leaving their home to go out and run. Come on! You can do it too! You can play basketball like Michael Jordan, because we molded his butt and made shorts for you! (They didn't really do that), but when you see the "swoosh" logo and that name, you feel like you know who they are and that they are better than many others. GEEZ! They should be paying ME for advertising in this blog Money mouth

As stated several times in past blogs, I am a firm believer in a client buying an agent because of their reputation and ability to provide a higher level of service. But...How can you prove your value to more and more clients if you never meet them? 100% satisfaction ratings from personal referrals are great, but won't pay your mortgage or car payment on a consistent basis. You need leads to do that! What can you do to get (and give) more referrals this year? Would a few extra deals LITERALLY change your life?

Just my thoughts...Laughing

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