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What is Wrong with Drinking a Little Kool-Aid?

by Scott Wellman

Every once-in-a-while, a natural phenomenon occurs and something out of the ordinary comes to pass...I upset someone. If you are a regular reader of any of my blog content, you know by now that I am candid and honest in my opinions. I am respectful, but what is the point of "sugar coating" my thoughts in my own blog? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of it being MY blog?

Last week I had an agent call me about an email I sent out to him regarding some numbers just reported in our market. Those numbers simply stated the AVERAGE transaction count of agents from several different real estate companies throughout the Valley. Here is a (slightly modified) transcript of that conversation:

ME: "Hello?"

Agent X:  Hi Scott. I have to tell you that I am a little bit sick of your emails"

Me: "For what reason? Which email? Did you know you have the option to unsubscribe?"

Agent X: "The one that shows that stupid know, the one that makes RE/MAX look superior to other companies"

Me: "OH. You mean the numbers reported on ARMLS data that show how many more transactions our agents do compared to other agents at other companies in the area?"

Agent X: "Yes. I know you guys think we are just a bunch of cult members sitting around drinking Kool Aid and singing Koom-baya over here, but some of us work very hard"

Me: Well... "First off, I like Kool Aid. From what I see, this report never said anything about cult-like activity, refreshing water based drinks, or anything about YOUR work ethic. I applaud your efforts, and you would not receive any correspondence from me if your numbers were not among the best in your company. We only hire the best..."

Agent X: "I guess I just get tired of hearing about how you think RE/MAX is so much better than other companies..."

Me: " No disrespect to you, but I don't think I could EVER get tired of that! It is my job to bring in top talent to our company and to boost the production of our agents. I NEVER get tired of telling others how great the people here are..."

Agent X: "Yeah, but not everyone wants to hear it..."

Me: "Consumers do. They say so in survey after survey. They also say our agents do a better job on both the buyer and seller sides than any other group. Did you see that JD Power award email I sent last month?"

Agent X: "Yeah...that one got on my nerves too"

Me: "Hey 'Agent X', I guess you could say that I am actually the one who drank the Kool Aid over here, huh? Maybe rather than hear stats and see these emails full of awards and positive response from consumers we can go a different route..."

Agent X: "What route is that?"

Me: "Let's go talk about HOW we do that. Let's talk about the people in the office and what they are doing to perform at this type of level. I would love to hear about YOUR business and what you are doing to outperform those in your office"

Agent X: "I guess I would talk to you..."

Me: "Great! How does tomorrow afternoon look? I will buy the Kool Aid!"


I have to be honest with you. I NEVER get tired of agents from other companies calling me to complain that I send too much info touting RE/MAX and our lofty numbers. You are in this business to SELL REAL ESTATE. I have the desire and need to provide for my family and to make sure our agents (and clients) get the most value for their hard-earned money. Fortunately, succesful and productive agents see value in this mindset of success and letting others know you can assist them at a higher level because you are already doing it at a higher level.


Just my thoughts...Laughing







Viva La Social Media!

by Scott Wellman

To many, social media seems like it has been around forever because of the frequency at which we use it for everyday life. I joked with my wife that I don't need t.v. because I get all my news from Twitter. Then...I realized that it was not a joke. My first inclination when I receive personal news (good or bad) is to post on a site and simply only have to post it once.

We live in an "instant" world. Instant coffee, instant oatmeal, instant access to information, instant everything. This brings me to the point of my post today...and my bold statement of the month Surprised


As baby boomers age, retire, and eventually move on from this life, Generation X and Generation Y become the dominant groups of those purchasing real estate in most areas. While the American dream has certainly changed in the past decade, home ownership is still at the forefront of these young minds (64% of Millennials say it is very important to them). If you cannot communicate with them through their preferred means, you are OUT.

I am 37 years old. You know what that makes me? A DINOSAUR! And the only way I can remain relavent to this cross-section of our future, is to educate myself on their preferences and annoyances!


According to an L2 study from January 2011 on Gen-Y (Millennials), the following was observed (see link HERE for full report):

  • Facebook is KEY among Gen-Y affluents (these are people of an average age of 27 on their way to making $100,000 annually in the short term)
  • Over 50% say their attitudes about a brand is shaped by Facebook
  • 54% have "liked" a brand on Facebook in the previous month
  • 38% have posted a comment in the last month
  • 81% of affluent Gen-Y adults use Facebook EVERY DAY. This is roughly double the number of those who read a newspaper or watch t.v. every day!


What about Twitter?

According to Infographics Archive:

  • 45% of Twitter's user base is between the ages of 18 and 34 
  • 53% of tweeters do not have kids
  • Twitter is rumored to be worth between $8 and $10 billion
  • Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber each have over 10,000,000 followers. Barrack Obama is third with about 8,000,000.
  • In one week 1 BILLION tweets are sent

Per multiple sources LIKE THIS 94% of home buyers start their search on the Internet. With the addition of new "apps" for smart-phones, that number is likely to increase. These searchers want instant access to instant data or they are on to the next site who will give it to them. They are visual and pictures sell more than words. Video? Even more results.

Open your mind to social media. Expand your business by expanding your reach. Think global!

Just my thoughts...



My 10 Favorite Businesses in the SW Valley

by Scott Wellman

Let's get this out of the way...NO! I will not be naming RE/MAX Professionals as one of these businesses, though we DO have an Avondale location. That is a given :)

Here are 10 businesses that I choose to support based on my many years in this area. In no particular order, they are:

1) Agave Blue Frozen Yogurt (Palm Valley Area) - GREAT place. Clean and friendly with awesome choices. You can find coupons in the Savvy Shopper that comes in the mail. Find more on them HERE

2) Old Pueblo Cafe (Wigwam Area) - My FAVORITE place for chips and salsa! Best Salsa Ever! More on them HERE

3) Dino's Greek and Italian (Neer Pebble Creek) - Friendly and great food! Small place and the owners are always there. More info can be found HERE

4) Tomo Japanese Cuisine (Palm Valley Area) - I frequently debate this among friends, but Tomo is the most consistently good sushi and sashimi in the area in my opinion. Find them HERE

5) India Garden Fine Indian Cuisine (Avondale) - In the mood for something different? Great place with great service and the food is remarkably good! You can find them HERE

6) The Wigwam Resort (Litchfield Park) - AMAZING place for a stay-cation! We love staying her and using the pools and restaurants during the Summer. They run frequent specials that you can find HERE

7) Pinnacle Family Medicine (Litchfield/Camelback) - Need a GREAT Family Physician who focuses on ethical and accurate treatment? This is your place! Dr. Engstrom leads by example and everyone I have referred is very happy there. Check out their website HERE

8) Sal's Tuscan Grill - THE place for wood-fired oven pizza! Prices are reasonable and specials are even better. GREAT staff and family owned and operated. Simple place and friendly people. nice TV for sports too! Check them out HERE

9) Cancer Treatment Centers of America (Litchfield just South of I-10) - I love this place and what they are doing. I volunteer here as does my wife. Great place full of great people! Website is HERE

10) TAPS Signature Cuisine (Litchfield Park) - Local, great selection of food and drink, always fun! They have non-alcoholic options and it is not a wild "bar" type of place during the week. Flatbread pizza is really good! More on them RIGHT HERE


I receive no compensation from any of these businesses, and this is based solely on my personal opinion. As always, I would love to hear your thoughts and get ideas of local places to try!

Just my Thoughts Laughing

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