ADRE Code of Ethics Requirement

The National Association of REALTORS says you must take the Code of Ethics class every four years. Monday, December 31st 2012 is the end of the four year cycle so if you have not yet taken a continuing education class that meets the requirement, you need to get it done.

Why do we have to do it?

  • Raises awareness to the importance of the Code of Ethics
  • Enhances REALTOR professionalism and competency

Don't wait until the last minute! WeMAR has multiple classes scheduled between now and the end of the year that meet the Code of Ethics class requirement. or you can visit the Department of Real Estate to find other locations offering the class.

Have you already taken the class, but not sure? Here are a list of the 8 course numbers that meet the quadrennial Code of Ethics requirement:

  • 2009C3
  • 2010C3
  • 2011C3
  • 2012C3
  • 20091
  • 20101
  • 20111
  • 20121

If you have any questions regarding this class or the requirements, please contact your local real estate board. Don't wait! Do it today!