As the weather cools off a bit, many begin thinking of actually going outside their homes to do something! I know it is a foreign concept after a Summer of relentless heat, but it happens every year. Here are a few things to do with your kids this Fall:

1) Go Fishing. Many of the urban lakes are very accessible and an urban fishing license is inexpensive. License info is HERE

2) Build and fly a kite. Younger kids always enjoy this and enjoy you being there with them! How? INSTRUCTIONS

3) Find a FREE concert or festival. Many communities offer them free. Just hope it is not THESE GUYS

4) Go on a hike. The White Tanks in the West Valley are AWESOME and you can see petroglyphs. Trails range from very easy  up to difficult. Take some water and maybe a snack or two! Info can be found HERE

5) Go on a picnic. Nearly every community has a GREAT park for a picnic and some frisbee. One of my favorites is the Courthouse Square in Prescott. Great lawn there and always much cooler! Check it out RIGHT HERE

6) Go watch some baseball. Arizona Fall League is a GREAT value and teams are located around the Valley. More info HERE

7) Organize a neighborhood wiffle ball game. I do this one often. We invite all of the kids (and parents) from all over the neighborhood to participate and come up with our own rules. Cheap and fun and gets you talking to your neighbors!

8) Go on a biking adventure. In your neighborhood or in the mountains, there are great places to ride and spend time together doing something active.

9) Go hit golf balls. My favorite place in the West Valley is HERE

10) BONUS!! Hit a haunted house! There are a few to be found, but the best I have seen is at Fear Farm in the SW Valley. Check it out HERE

Just realized I told you to "go fly a kite" and to "take a hike" in one blog. Do both!