A good friend and mentor I have often tells people he can solve their money problems in three simple words. At the end of this blog, I will share those three words. Here are five great tips to help you boost your real estate business in 2012. Coming from an office that outproduces nearly every company in the state with fewer agents, there might be something to this!

1) Align yourself with your goals. Weird, huh? Make sure your life plan and activities are in direct line with the business you want to see.

2) Plan the work - and work the plan! You would not take a road trip without a map or plan of some kind, right? Why would you risk traveling the road of life without a map? Write out your business plan, but include a mission statement. If you would like to see mine, I would be happy to email it to you. Please comment below and let me know!

3) Set stretch goals. Write down what you want to make next year...then DOUBLE IT. If you don't quite get to that "double" goal, you still went well beyond your previous goal!

4) Involve others. Ask yourself who would be affected if you took instant action in your business. Your spouse? Kids? Parents? Friends? Those are the same people who might be affected if you choose NOT to take immediate action. Remind yourself daily what you are trying to accomplish and who it will affect.

5) Schedule. Make time for EVERYTHING and write it out. Personal time, family time, self improvement time, education, appointments, EVERYTHING. This has changed my life and I can help you do this. If you need help with organization in your life, I highly recommend a book called 7L-The Seven levels of Communication by Michael Maher. You can find it HERE


So, all of that said. I promised three little words that can impact your business in 2012, right?! Here they are.......




Think about it. If you remove the drama, challenges, worry, etc. from every day life and simply have a few extra conversations about real estate you will change your entire year. Challenges arise. That is life. How you handle them is the only thing over which you have control. Stop talking about your world takeover and go tell someone you would like their business. They just might give it to you!


Just my thoughts... Laughing