Although we all enjoy the warmth and abundant sunshine of living in one of the most amazing winter climates anywhere, there is still a certain feel around the holidays that can only be experienced by being "out of your element"...

Over our 17 years in the Valley, my family has established a few traditions and enjoy sharing them with others. Of course, the fun is only enhanced when you throw in nutty family and a few hours in the car! Here are a few of my favorites (and a few favorites that were shared with me):

1) Sedona's Red Rock Fantasy - We do this EVERY year. Los Abrigados Resort in Sedona displays and AMAZING assortment of lights. You walk around and there are cocoa stops (they also serve Bailey's and other Adult creamers). At the end of the light walk, you will see a fat old dude with a beard in a red suit. Do not be alarmed, it is not Jerry Garcia...It has snowed on us twice while we were there. Pretty cool.

It is always cold, which makes it better if you are prepared, so dress VERY warmly. Bring a stroller for younger kids. Admission is around $5 for adults and $2 for kids 5-12. Lil' guys are free. Worth EVERY PENNY and the money goes to local charities! INFO HERE

2) Polar Express - I have never been. I know...BAD DAD! I have heard nothing but positive on this other than the fact that it is tough to get tickets unless you call early. It involves a train, fun stories, hot cocoa, and potential snow...Who can argue with that?? DETAILS

3) Prescott Events -Multiple events stretching from Thanksgiving-New Years Day! I have heard that the Courthouse lighting ceremony is really neat! More info can be found HERE. If you end up loving it in Prescott, contact me for any of your real estate needs and I will refer you to someone in our office who can help you out! There is also a very neat Christmas store where you can get a keepsake of your trip...Their website is RIGHT HERE

4) Glendale Glitters -Awesome event with all kinds of lights, fun stuff, good food, and great music. It gets really busy, so we figured out that going a bit early will save you some serious time. Very kid friendly and it is FREE! Check it out RIGHT HERE

5) Star of Wonder - By FAR, my personal favorite event. If you have never been to witness this, PLEASE check it out this year! This church puts on a world-class performance including live animals, dancers, singing, and even a singing Christmas tree. A special bonus is that the Pastor of the church looks like Jerry Jones, Owner of the Dallas Cowboys. We laugh about that every year. Take the kids and BUY RESERVED SEATS! It is well worth the money and guarantees you a place to sit. This year, it is an all new show called Celebration of Christmas! Check out THIS LINK for more information. Your kids will NEVER forget it!

Enjoy your time together and remember how important family and friends are in our lives. Anyone have any other great places to visit? I would love to hear about your favorite places...


Just my thoughts Wink